the wicked evil smurfs

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  • ring

    When I was young, There was a rumor through out our circut, that the smurfs were demonized. We were told at once to destroy all smurf toys, dolls, and figures. There were storys flying around about talking smurf statue figures, that would get up and walk across the floor, ect... Does anyone remember this, or did it only happen in my part of the world? My sisters and I watched in horor as all smurfs were rounded up, and placed in consentration camps (burn barrels) and exterminated. It wasn't very smurfy to watch.

  • BoozeRunner

    Yep, yep, yep.....JW urban legends.


  • Stephanus

    The elders must have been possessed by the spirit of Gargomel!

    "The naked man fears no pickpockets"

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    LMAO Ohhh yes, that brings back memories!

    The story I heard was that some kid took one of his little smurfs to the kingdom hall and during the meeting it got up and walked out on it's own!

    Must have been a demonized papa smurf which just got too fed up with the excruciatingly boring talk...

    Dark Knight

  • Stephanus

    I found the Smurfs pretty boring, with all their utopian talk. Probably that's what it was all about: rivalry between two groups as to who had the better claim to be creating paradise on Earth!

    "The naked man fears no pickpockets"

  • ozziepost

    Here in Oz we also had an urban legend concerning the Cabbage Patch dolls. They would move ceereal boxes in the kitchen overnight, things like that!

    In Australia, we have a newly appointed Branch Overseer. Many years ago when the legend was all the 'rage' he had to give a talk at a DC to calm the hysteria, I seem to recall.

    And they say the Witnesses don't have anything to do with the demons!


    "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

  • ring

    Dark Knight, I remember that one, LOL aparently the smurf didnt
    like what it was hearing!!!!!!!!!............

    ozziepost, I had forgoten about the cabbage patch attack of '84',
    that urban legend was in the states too.

  • pettygrudger

    Hey, how come the evil barney & telletubbies get left outta everything!!!! They're little demons too don't ya know-

    In our congregatio - even scooby doo was frowned on - those evil little satan seekers!

  • Nicolas

    I were in the org as a child from 1989 to 1994 but I don't remember the urban legend about the smurf in my region. I was reading a lot of their books and there was no problem.

  • Bgurltryal

    Dan and I just got a pappa smurf stuffed toy from a thrift store. No signs of demon posession yet...oh well...I must go, I have this sudden urge to run with scissors.

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