Want to see my rocks... (for women only)

by zeroday 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • zeroday
    zeroday- Ever been mining? It's one of my hobbies. Gem cutting and polishing will be next for me.

    Never been mining but I did buy some rough rubies from India and maybe someday will try to learn to cut and polish them...

  • tnangel73

    You can mine for your own rubies in North Carolina. Diamonds in Arkansas. Opals in Nevada. Amethysts in Georgia. Aquamarine in California. Topaz in Utah. Gold here in Tennessee. Idaho is known as the gem state. My best ever find has been a ruby from North Carolina that is over 200 carats. If I ever get it cut, it will lose a lot of that size because of the shape it is in now in the rough. Nice dark color though. It's been of similar color of ones I have bought on Ebay. I've never found one the size of it on there, though. Mining can be as expensive or as cheap as you want to make it.

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