Disfelowshipping / Expelling

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    4 points:

    - Tax collectors and sinners. Jesus was criticized for fraternizing with them.

    - Insight book states that religious societies have a "right inherent" analogous to the powers of capital punishment - hence, the ridiculous notion many elders have that they should be able to stone someone to death for smoking, etc. (From where does this "right inherent" arrive?)

    - Jehovah's Action - For Miriam, she suffered "a humiliating seven-day quarantine" (Insight 2, page 415). Hardly a 3 to 5 year psychological exile, including that of minors and other immediate family.

    _ The following paragraph was not in the Aid book, but another alteration because of the 1980/81 purge: "However, regarding any who were Christians but later repudiated the Christian congregation or were expelled from it, the apostle Paul commanded: “Quit mixing in company with” such a one; and the apostle John wrote: “Never receive him into your homes or say a greeting to him.”—1Co 5:11; 2Jo 9, 10.

  • freein2004
    Thanks so much for that information, Mary.
  • Watchtower-Free

    Watchtower publication Golden Age 1947

  • Mary
    Thanks for nice comments! I'm not on here too much anymore (first joined 13 years ago!). I had my project on Randy Watters website at one point, but I know he re-did his site and I'm not sure if it's still up there or not. Barbara Anderson also had a link for it on her website. Whether or not she still does, I don't know. I'll see if I can find out and let you know. (although some parts of it might be outdated now--like the 'generation' doctrine. I think it's been changed at least twice since I did the project in 2008).
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    JW GoneBad

    Thank you Mary. I really appreciated reading your post on WT's perverted & twisted use of the scriptures on this topic of disfellowshipping & shunning. The amount of needless pain and suffering that WT has heeped on its members is soo sad to think about.

    Great work!

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