Calling all Kilted Brethren

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  • bigwilly

    Ok, so "The Kilted Brethren" is a term CoolHandLuke, Breck (Lowkey Lowsmith) and I came up with on another board, but all fans of unbifurcated garments qualify for membership

    So whether you wear a Utilikilt, a Tartan or any other style, help me celebrate freedom and post ya pics!

    This is me last summer at a brewfest

    I still need to get a pic of my new red corduroy kilt

  • nvrgnbk

    Can't we get the young lady into a kilt?

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Be careful where you look!!


  • nvrgnbk

    That's wrong on so many levels!

  • free2think

    I think men in kilts are HOT.

    More pictures please

  • bigwilly

    Thanks free2think

  • Bobbi

    Yes more pictures of men in kilts. I love kilts. I think a man looks so sexy in one. Could just be because I am from a scotish background.

    Bobbi( proud member of the Moffat Clan)

  • jambon1

    I was married in a kilt. Not the type in the opening posters photo. That one looks a wee bit strange. It is indeed the most fetching look. I have worn one since I was married and I can assure you that it brings a lot of (un)wanted attention from the ladies. I had my arse smacked about a dozen times that day!

  • delilah

    We have some friends who are Scottish, and the entire family wears their kilts on special occasions. Two of the sons play the pipes, and the girls dance and play the drums. It is one helluva cool night when they get together!!

    Men in kilts are sexy.........more pics please....

  • JeffT

    I want to wear a utilikilt, but my wife won't let me!

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