People are Born Scientists

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    It might not seem that way, the way science has a bad reputation of being so difficult in school. But, babies and small children are actually born wired to science. At that age, they are learning how to do things. They experiment. They try many times and fail, before finally getting it right. Walking is a prime example: to walk, a baby has to get some instinct of the physics of balancing. And then they are into everything--trying to figure out how things work. They take things apart in an attempt to figure out how they work. They usually cannot put them together again, but they are learning how things are supposed to work.

    Most play involves science. A swing set involves motion: to get going, you have to use the principle of physics called resonance. Disobey that, and you never get going very high. Obey it, and you can go all the way up without much effort. Riding a bicycle is similar: physics is involved. Children are naturally curious about biology around them, and they have a keen eye of what's out there at night and will ask questions about the stars and clouds. At this stage, science is fun. As long as they learn, they learn more about the world around them. Left unchecked, this process would lead to adults that learn how to use the forces around them to their advantage, and to find out about the unknown and benefit from it.

    Usually, this lasts until children go to school. At that point, most children find the programmed science to be boring. Why is this? It is because it is not taught in an integrated fashion. The regulators keep it that way because if not, these children would grow up to be self-leaders that would undermine the status of those who are of the ruler class. Big, lazy companies would go belly-up as adults with childlike passion for science continually improve products. Medicine would improve. Food would become plentiful and reliable, while still being wholesome. We would have a source of energy that is reliable and does not pollute. Cars would last for 100 years under normal conditions, and accidents would be almost unheard of. Appliances would be super efficient and last nearly forever. Cleaners would be super effective, even if specialized, without doing undue damage to health or the environment. Buildings that usurp hurricanes and earthquakes would be common, so that F-5 tornado would do little more than provide plenty of energy for a town or city for a while. And so on.

    Under those conditions, lazy companies that want status quo would go belly up. And, since products would be improving, costs would go down sharply. That would be bad news for the Fed, as well as the government. And it would be bad news for the drug companies that would watch their competitors come out of the third grade and produce a drug that cures cancer, arthritis, asthma, and diabetes with no side effects. So, they have laws set up to protect themselves. Those laws allow these lazy companies to continue to exist while doing nothing useful for the public. We get crap products that poison us and ruin the environment, and pay top dollar for them. Our medical system is now threatening to plunge the whole economy into a depression, if the credit crunch doesn't beat it to it. The whole education system is designed to protect the lazy at the public's expense.

    How do they do that? First, they replace fully integrated learning with disjointed learning that relies on rote memory. That makes science so tedious. Many people that did poorly in chemistry did so because of the rote learning, because it is so disjointed. This process starts with reading: instead of teaching phonics, most schools and all district policy makers insist on using the look-say method that relies on rote memorization of words. Then, when scores plunge, they dumb down the curriculum. It is still boring and tedious, so heads-downs and paper airplanes and spitballs are common in lower and mid grades (and drugs and shootings are too common in the higher grades).

    Now, where does the Watchtower Society come into this? Their so-called science articles are disjointed beyond belief, and often inaccurate. The Creation book was dreaded by most for the deep science when it came up for study, when in fact the science was total crap. The Asleep! magazines are also full of disjointed science articles, often inaccurate. Who gives a damn about the vicuna? Most people care about things that affect them directly, and vicunas rarely affect people in this country directly (unless you happen to have one as a pet or work with them). Then you never hear about it again. They do the same with diseases: I have seen them touch on just about every disease, always with the view that people can pioneer while suffering with it. Never does it give an accurate description about the disease, proper treatment, and how to prevent it. And especially if the disease is fairly rare but not totally unheard of is there a need for accurate, unbiased, and integrated information.

    Does the Watchtower Society encourage science? Not at all! They claim that people are happiest while serving Jehovah. Which means that going around knocking on doors, waiting for people to come to the door, saying the words that someone else has instructed you to say, placing the tracts or magazines, and then writing it down and heading to the next door is supposed to make people happy. There is precisely zero science in doing so. You don't get to learn anything except through rote memory. You just do as you are told, the way you are told to, and no more. That is why so many children are depressed and/or act up while in the meetings or in service.

    No matter how poorly you did in science or how much you hated it in school, people are actually at their happiest when working true science in its fully integrated form. If you take someone who is doing very poorly in chemistry and teach them how to integrate it fully, suddenly you are likely to have that same student acing the tests. Physics is the same way: most play is based on physics. Field circus, on the other hand, is not based on anything scientific. That's why children dread it so much. If you want to entertain a child (and pxxx off the hounders), just give them a toy that will teach them a little something about physics and let them play with it at the meetings. That child will do better and learn more from that than from the meeting itself.

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    That is why so many children are depressed and/or act up while in the meetings or in service.

    Absolutely. I spanked my oldest daughter countless times due to her behavior at meetings. We both ended up depressed and disillusioned. I would NEVER do that to a child again.


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    Could not agree with you more...I have huge issues with the way children are educated in schools. Their natural curiosity is completely squashed. Of course the meetings are even more ridiculous. But their intent is not to teach..Like many other fundamental religions they are indoctrinating...whole different ballgame.. It's also crazy to expect children to sit still during two hours of talking when they don't even understand. I am an adult and I couldn't even sit still.

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    That was great. I couldn't agree more. Thanks for the post.

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