Real Friends are forever

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  • Maddie

    I been thinking about friends I have had in my life. There are different types of friends,most come and go for different reasons. Some friendships are conditional like JW's, but true frienship is something really special.

    The heart needs friendship to make us feel that we belong to life.

    We need special people who accept us just as we are, who make us laugh when we need to,

    who cry with us when we're sad, and who are there for us when we're down.

    Everyone needs allies and people who won't desert us and on whom we can really depend -

    people who stand in for family members who aren't there for us sometimes.

    Those special people who feel the same way as us about so many things,

    communicating on the same wave length, being the strongest support system ever.

    Your friendship is a gift beyond measure.


  • changeling

    We are all allies here Maddie. Glad to have you.


  • sweetstuff

    Welcome Maddie. I agree, true friends are like an ever flowing river, always refreshing, replenishing and sustaining.

  • JK666

    I may be in the minority here, but I still feel that I have real friends in the Borg. Just because of circumstances, we can't get together right now. Yes, it is due to stupid rules of a corrupt organization, but the friendships are still there.

    I still love them, they are just not free yet. I hope that someday they get out too.


  • anewme

    That was a beautiful sentiment Maddie.

    You are so welcome here on JWD.

    This is a place for healing your mind and heart from your JW experience.

  • Scully

    Those are really nice sentiments, Maddie.

    I have only found a couple of people with whom I can be friends unconditionally. I can put up with a lot of quirky or eccentric behaviour, but when someone with whom I have tried to have an unconditional friendship starts to abuse my friendship - for instance with repeated lying and manipulation and self-absorbed drama, those are violations that I just can't tolerate long-term, because it shows that their friendship is not unconditional either. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    As people who have come out of an emotionally abusive and manipulative belief system that expects us to not have boundaries, I think it is vitally important to learn to assert our boundaries with people and not allow other users to take advantage of our kind natures. That means weeding out mere "acquaintances" and "associates" and reserve the notion of "friendship" for those who prove their trustworthiness and show respect for our own boundaries.

  • greendawn

    Having good a friends and a good social life is what makes us tick. There are genuine friends, and apparent friends who would abandon us in a time of need and such are the JWs.

  • mentalclearness

    I have many acquaintances but few real friends. I'm happy to count among them a childhood friend who is still a JW and I can talk to about everything. She has truly proven herself to be called my friend...

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