Prosecution appeals against Brit paedophile's lenient sentence

by dedpoet 5 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • dedpoet

    It's very rare for this to happen, but the prosecution in the jw paedophile
    Michael Porter case have appealed against the sentence on the grounds
    it is too lenient, which it clearly is. The details are on this BBC news

    It's the first item on the programme.

    Hopefully, the appeal will succeed, and Porter will get a sentence in line with
    the crimes he committed, instead of the slap on the wrist he got at the original

  • BluesBrother

    Nice capture Trevor... It was effective to see the people in video. Let all hope that the appeal court shows common sense and buries him .

  • aniron

    Considering that Chris Langham got 5 months prison just for having child porn.

    Porter got away scot free with what he did over the years.

  • JK666

    I hope they put him in prison and throw away the key!


  • skeeter1

    I don't know how it is in England...but here in the Attorney General (whether of the State or the Country) is a very, very, very powerful person. He/she decides what to prosecute.

    I've seen a phone call from an Attorney General into a corporate office....the crap hits the fan, and the wheel of justice grind both quickly & finely. I wonder if this AG will be sniffing around the WT Society. I wonder...if the AG got a whiff of the WT book publishing corporation which empowered this pedophile and silenced his victims and their families. Perhaps the end of false religion is nearer than we think.... Just a thought....


  • Dansk

    It's high time the Charities Commission got its head out of its 'don't want to get involved' stance and thoroughly researched how Watchtower does not deserve charity status. As long as Watchtower is allowed to be a charity children will suffer. Watchtower depends on not having to pay taxes and so has enough money in its coffers to defend paedophile cases. Take the money away and you'll soon he how much it is prepared to defend such evil people.


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