Long airport layovers

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  • littlerockguy

    I am going to Denmark again this year to see Jesper and we will be going to Berlin and possibly through Poland. Anybody got any suggestions or recommendations of places to check out while I'm there? I will be staying in Denmark Oct 1 through Oct 9.

    However on my way there I will have an almost 6 hour layover in Atlanta!! I dont ever remember having to endure a layover that long in all my years traveling unless we had to spend the night at a hotel. What the hell is there to do for 6 hours in an airport (if you dont have a laptop to take with you)????


  • tula

    The High Museum of Art

    Atlanta Underground

  • worldtraveller

    See if you can get a tour of CNN.

  • buffalosrfree

    If you can nap do so, or better yet take the latest Watchtower and it will surely bore you to tears and put you to sleep. Yeah being in the Airport and having to sit there for hours at a time sucks, but reading something is always good, How about Dick Morris' "Outrage" or Joel Roseber's "The Ezekiel Option" or better yet "Epicenter," that is a good one by Rosenberg and will make you do some thinking, or at least it did me. Sounds as if you are going to have a great trip! Enjoy.

  • Gregor

    6 hours is a long layover but not long enough visit a museum or inner city shopping mall. The Atlanta airport is typical of most, a far way from anthing else. Try to find a comfortable place to read or rent a DVD and player, or sleep. Use your cell phone to bother all your friends and relatives. Whatever you do, don't go set in a toilet stall, tap your feet and wave to your neighbor under the partition.

    Sounds like an interesting trip. Have a great time.

  • ex-nj-jw
    Whatever you do, don't go set in a toilet stall, tap your feet and wave to your neighbor under the partition.

    No suggestions, the one above sounds like a safe start! Have a wonderfull trip!


  • Leolaia

    I had a 4 hour layover in Alice Springs and spent the time doing Quad Bike stuff across town. The company guaranteed to get you back in time for your flight.

    In Singapore, there is also a company at the airport that would give you a tour of the city if your layover is more than 3 hours.

  • greendawn

    I was wondering what a layover is and then I realised is what here in Europe is called transit time. In Poland I have been to Cracow which is very interesting as well as the nearby Tatra mountains the only real mountains in Poland.

    In some airports they have internet terminals so that would be an interesting way to spend all of that waiting time. If they have it in that airport.

  • Gregor

    Greendawn, "layovers" are not to be confused with "comb overs" wherein a balding man allows his hair to grow long enough to "comb over" his bald head, thus giving the appearance of a full head of hair which completely fools everyone. Many of these men can be seen in airports, thus the confusion.

  • greendawn

    Gregor that reminds me that with thinning hair I may need to become another comb over unless these laser treatments really work as their advertisers claim. Hopefully they do.

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