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  • kerj2leev

    I actually hooked up on one of those sites, I think it goes on all the time.

  • Cordelia

    are they all in the US?

    was gonna put a fake id on for a laugh still know everything ther'e asking to get in, but are there any UK ones??

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I looked at a few for entertainment a few years ago. I think the part that got the most attention for me was the laundry list of qualifications from the sisters. Had to be an elder making $$$ so they could pioneer. Some listed that they wanted the man to be a homeowner. I think what made me laugh the most is that 90% of those sister were not attractive enough to have a laundry list.

  • Cordelia

    Ha thats true!!!

  • Thinking of Leaving
    Thinking of Leaving

    Oh man I"m ashamed to say that I was on jwmatch for over a year and met, in person, quite a few so called "brothers" (before being DF) The questions these so called spiritual men asked me online was amazing, my bra size for exampleI was asked that very question by an elder from California. The men who came from the US to visit me (all ligit JW's) turned out to be real assholes. One pioneer tried grabbing my boobs, one "brother" was a drunk, he couldn't stop drinking, even in the middle of the day and the other "elder", nice fella, but way too cheap for me to go further with him. He never washed his hair either. Man do I have stories to tell about those JW online flings

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