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  • Serg

    I was just going over this one from back in '01. Its a good one, especially for us newbies that haven't been on JWD all that long.

    I found this post particularly interesting! Thanks Amazing!

    Its funny just thinking how the WT must want little tid bits like that one disappear forever. Once again most R&F have no clue about articles like this one.

  • greendawn

    I can't see why they are making the distinction between the elders and the regular dubs, the latter could also be showing the blessing of God in their lives just as the elders which means they were forgiven. Or does God discriminate in favour of the elders?

  • tula

    so are elders still considered "untouchables" today?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    this can apply to anyone. My skankie ex used to get away with crap all the time b4 we married. As the daughter of the PO, the elders always led her in questioning. "So it occured over 3 years ago right?" Her and her MS brother bragged about it.

  • jwfacts
    Its funny just thinking how the WT must want little tid bits like that one disappear forever.

    The article is about the rule that if an elder did a wrong three years in the past without getting caught they do not need to step down. This is still current policy.

    In Barbara Andersens book "A religion in Crisis" it was this rule that has resulted in elders being able to continue to molest children for generations, and at the heart of the settlements by the Watchtower earlier this year.

    In 1991 the rule was amended to say fornication needed more than three years to go by.

    Once again we see that the WTS really does believe that Holy Spirit actively guides appointed servants. If the Holy Spirit did not bring to light the sin of an elder in over 3 years, the assumption is made that the elder still has Gods blessing.

    When I was at Bethel I confessed a serious sin involving myself and another person who was still pioneering. Since it was more than 3 years prior and we were both in appointed positions the Bethel elder said it was clear we still had Gods blessing so had been forgiven. The confession went no further.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I was trying to find an emodicon of someone barfing

  • WTWizard

    This is the closest to the puke you are looking for:

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