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  • JH

    My front neighbour is studying with an elder.

    He went to his first meeting at the memorial last April. Then he went back another time a month ago.

    He went to his 3nd meeting yesterday.

    Today I saw him and asked him if he went to the hall recently, and he told me he went yesterday.

    On Saturday I noticed an elders car in front of here, so I knew he was visited by an elder.

    Today he told me that he liked the 45 min talk, but found the Watchtower study sooooo long.

    I asked if he will go back next week, and he said no.

    The way he talks, he is just curious and went to see once more.

    I'M afraid he will eventually be a Dub.

    I asked him if the elder was giving him a bible study, and he said not yet, but he will soon.

    I don't understand why he is accepting to be visited when he told me that he was just interested reading the bible, but didn't want to go door to door, didn't want to go to Sunday afternoon meetings, and found the meetings so long.

    But still, he is falling into the JW trap. I can see it.....................

  • Gopher


    Does this gentleman live on his own? I'm wondering if he just needs the company? And if so, is there any opening you have where you can take him out for a Molson's and perhaps broaden his viewpoint on things?

  • JH

    Yes, Gopher, he lives alone and retired, so he has plenty of free time.

    He knows I'm an inactive JW and asked me about the religion. He seems to be searching in many directions at once.

    I'm not trying to say too many bad things about the Watchtower, because he might go even more. You know, the reverse psychology....

    He asked me why I'm not going anymore.

    I told him my personal story to be sure he gets the true story incase he gets another version from the elders.

  • Gopher

    Ah .. idle hands, "Jehovah's" playground.



  • Hermano
    I'm not trying to say too many bad things about the Watchtower, because he might go even more. You know, the reverse psychology....

    I'm with you there.

    It does sound like the old man is lonely. If they fulfill that need for him, he will be more vulnerable to their propaganda.

  • WTWizard

    I would direct him to an apostate Web site that you have found helpful. Have him read through portions of it before going to the next meeting. Usually, that is sufficient to ruin that study for good.

  • Gayle

    The WTS won't get much out of him since he's older, unless there's a possible will. Is there a retirement social center nearby for him?

  • eclipse

    I would get them to make sure they always question everything they are told.

    tell them to expect them(the elders) to back up all of their claims using other bibles too.

    not just the nwt.

    tell them that if you see a quote in a publication to ask to see the resource material that provided that quote.

    once a study starts questioning everything, they soon get tired and will stop studying with that person.

    they want drones who dont question anything, not thinkers who want proof of what they are learning.

  • 4digitcode

    i don't think most people like the prospect of 5 meetings a week, long studies, door to door, etc. i sure no i didn't. i don't know if you can't relate because maybe you were born in the faith...for people who come later on in it it's slowly spoonfed. they don't give it to you all at once. and they're not doing this with this man either. this man probably thinks he can pick and choose what he wants. he doesn't know that soon his own 'conscience' will make him do these things against his real will.

    I don't know if you should tell him to run like hell or just sow doubt but why not just give him CoC to read. If it's too hard for him to really understand, go through it with him, do your own little apostate study.
    show him how people died for not accepting blood, how people gave up an education or gave up their life savings for false prophecies and show him child molestation cases. show him how the doctrines they teach ruined poeple's lives.

    If he starts a study he will become too emotionally involved to leave at the first sign of trouble. he will rationalize the nonsense he is hearing.right now he is not aware of the danger and may never be if you persuade him to not do it. but imagine of you don't and one day he gets burned by the org.

    sorry if i'm totally giving a guilttrip. i really don't mean to. everyone decides for themselves at the end of the day but i'm sure you will also feel good if you let this man know what he is going into.

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