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  • cultswatter

    The sept KM curiously did not mention "apostate" web sites. Rather, the KM was worried about web sites run by JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES currently associated and in good standing with the WTS. Here are some JW sites I found. These web sites are sponsored by Jehovah's witnesses

    These sites and others are the ones that the WTS is worried about because they are not authorized by the FDS. Just think, these sites are just a small step away from becoming full flegged apostates sites like this one.

  • Ex Nihilo
    Ex Nihilo

    I think the society would be concerned about those sites since they contain "apostate" material, only with a JW reply, and the society is concerned the "bad" info may be passed onto people.

    Also, the society may be afraid that unofficial replies may be fodder.

    When I was in "the truth" the only sites that actually irritated me were the ones that did all your study for you, so you never had to look up scriptures or search for your own info.

  • tula

    couldn't some of those sites be subtly sabotaged? Like with maybe a few interesting questions that require thinking?

    or a few eye opening tidbits of shocking info with link?

  • jwfacts
    since they contain "apostate" material, only with a JW reply

    Good point. A JW reading these sites will become aware of a lot of "apostate" argumentation. They then see the JW apologist answer, which is often very second rate and easy to see through.

    The JWs that run these sites are fully aware of alternate points of view, and awareness of information is the first step to leaving. Information control is an important cult feature to force black and white thinking and even if a JW starts out with good intentions there is a very high chance that in time they will form independant beliefs.

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    Hmm,hmmm! well that would make sense because a lot of exjw going on the site for JWs. Good Point! warning about their own Internet sites and not this one! LOL

    Maybe we will see more JW on here! LOL. I can only laugh!

  • Ex Nihilo
    Ex Nihilo

    For the saftey of the society, the safest reply to them is none at all.

  • Rooster

    The "Society" has bigger problems coming.

    Judgement day!

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