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  • Iron Rod
    Iron Rod

    First off, let me apologize in advance if this subject has been discussed before. I have been reading this board for 6-8 months now and though I try to keep up with the posts (as well as catching up on past ones ) there is just so much info on here that I might have missed it. Anyway, on a previous post I mentioned that there are some really sharp people on this forum; people whose Bible knowledge greatly exceeds that of anyone in Brooklyn. So I started thinking...Remember how we used to read the stories in the Watchtower publications about how years ago Watchtower representatives would engage preachers from other religions in public debates? Of course the story always ended with the JW trouncing the "false teacher." Well, what I would love to see is a public debate between one of the intellectual heavyweights from this forum and one of the Watchtower scholars pretenders. For example...Leolaia vs. Ted Jaracz. It would be great! Within a few minutes she would have his head spinning so badly he'd probably crack and start shouting "HAUGHTY JEZEBEL! HOW DARE YOU ROUSE YOURSELF AGAINST ME IN THIS MANNER?! HUMBLE YOURSELF OR ELSE I CERTAINLY SHALL HAVE YOU CERTAINLY STONED! * did I say that out loud?" I would pay to see that! Yeah, I know Ted ( or any of the others ) would never agree to it, but it's fun to imagine. Any thoughts?

    *lame attempt at call back humor referencing a post by Mebagger2 about NWT oddities

  • watson

    Oh yeah!??! Well I'll take Fred Franz in his 1950's prime over Leolaia anyday!!

    Not really.. She IS awesome.

  • snowbird


  • greendawn

    You may have noticed that despite all their bravado of being god selected and spiritual elite they never dare engage in open and public debate with anyone be it an ex JW or a never JW.

    They know well that they will be beaten and therein lose all prestige respectability and authority with the R&F. It could easily lead to them losing control, so they will never dare.

  • eclipse

    Leolaia could take on the entire governing body in a debate on any subject, and she would beat them hands down with her knowledge.

    Add Narkissos to the debate and they would run out of the room crying from feeling so utterly stupid and small-minded.

  • Mary

    Yep, I remember seeing Brother Rosem on TV (when I was a kid), debating with a clergy member over the Trinity. If I recall, Brother Rosem more or less won the argument.

    Something tells me that the result would not be the same with any senior member of the Organization, if they did a public debate with someone like Leolaia or Garybuss or Randy Watters on say.........Oh, I don't know: 1914?

  • M.J.

    The only debates they'd try might be the Trinity. Never something organization specific.

    There's this church in the Philippines called "Iglesia ni Cristo". I heard they are pretty active in public debating church leaders regarding their doctrines...even on television. Their teachings are largely Adventist-derived like the JWs...they reject Trinity, hellfire, certain holidays, etc.

    Russell used to publicly debate clergy members.

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    It would more then likely never happen so it's useless speculation. The problem is the "well thats just what I believe" crutch that so many dubs use. My Dad used this argument over what the "good news" actually was. He finally just had to give up and say, "well thats what I believe and your not going to convince me otherwise". Organization gets passed to the individual when there is something negative or a doctrine can't be argued. It turns in to "I choose to believe". Also lets not get ahead of ourselves. There are some smart people but the WTS could pull a rich billion dollar corporation and hire a scholar with no morals to defend them.

  • VM44

    How about...Leolaia vs. Judge Rutherford?

  • TD

    Apples and Oranges...

    Rational minds (Like Leolaia's) think in entirely different terms than JW's and kindred groups. With the latter, there's an unwritten list of ground rules that if you do not accept, there's nothing to talk about.

    1. The 66 book compilation is the product of divine direction.

    2. Other compilations of the Bible are not the product of divine direction

    3. The Bible is fundamentally a cryptic document that often doesn't actually mean what it says

    4. The Bible's principal audience was not the people and groups that the original authors wrote to; The Bible was written primarily for an esoteric group living thousands of years later.

    5. The people and groups that the writings in the bible seem to be to, for and about actually lived their entire lives acting as "Types" so that an esoteric group living thousands of years later would be able to interpret the Bible (See #3 above.)

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