Oh my OJ Simpson under arrest

by IP_SEC 22 Replies latest social current

  • moshe

    did he wear gloves?

  • tnangel73

    Now he will be searching the golf courses for the "real" robbers.

  • flipper

    I heard the recording today on the Jim Rome show of O.J. yelling at these guys, " Stay in this room ! You guys give me my fu$$ing stuff back! Nobody leaves this room. Blah, Blah, Blah! ". Certainly sounded like an armed robbery to me. I heard he got his "buddies " guys he just met that same night at a wedding reception to go help him get his items from these dealers who were selling the stuff. What guys in their right mind would go help O.J. do anything like that? I mean , the minute O.J. asks you, " Hey would you help me get my stuff from these guys? " it's like I would high tail it the opposite direction from him. Anyway, who in the hell would invite O.J. to a wedding reception anyway? What's that ? Is that like that old time movie ," Seven Brides for Seven Murderers "? Oh, wrong title sorry. Anyway, I agree with the poster who said, hope he meets the same fate as Jeffrey Dahmer did. Good riddance. We could use one less murderer in the world

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