Mixed Race Couples - WTS literature

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  • jgnat

    4digitcode, I totally agree that the google ad for "mixed chicks" is worth the entire thread for.

  • Save My Soul
    Save My Soul

    This is crazy. I Love this topic though. My wife is of mixed heritage. Black women in the org. are nice too me, but when I am with her, they just stare at us. I noticed that when an I.R. couple (speaker) came to the hall, people would gravitate to the wife, based on her race.

    Sooo amusing.

    There is no difference from the world. White women will attempt to show off their new Dooney to my wife or whatever they have recently purchased that is high end. Many that will never talk to her, will speak when they have something new. ....mainly cars.

    There is usually a comment along the lines, that "See there, I am better than you" She laughs at them, causing anger in the individual.

    My wife went to a dinner party recently. It was a mixed-crowd and as always, even in a public dinner club, all the witnesses were segregated. My wife was with 2 white couples that were friends of a friend from her hall. They did not know her, but were very friendly. They were openly racist about the black witnesses at the event. Later she went to socialize with the BLACK Group and they would not talk to her. Someone said she had a black husband and they were very friendly. One extremely,overweight black sister that married a white man was present. Her husband was about 20+ years older than her. About 60 Y.O. The entire evening, around my wife, she spoke of BIG Daddy!! It was an incredible event.

    She still attends meeting, but acknowledges, "............and these are God's chosen people?".

  • 4digitcode

    rebel 8 shunning for being a mixed couple in 1990s NEW YORK?????

  • BluesBrother

    When I used to go to district Assemblies in London up to the nineties, it was common to see mixed race couples, always young people . The older ones may reflect the attitude of their generation . The WT of the seventies showed the prevailing attitude of the times - after all they are only human thoughts aren't they? No, I have never seen an illustration using a mixed couple.

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