Was told about another JW molester in Ontario

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  • truthsearcher

    A storekeeper and I got into a conversation about the Witnesses yesterday and I told him about the recent lawsuit settlements for pedophiles by the Watchtower. That prompted his memory of a local case where a Witness was being molested by Daddy and brother, went to the elders, told she was lying, nothing done to Dad and big bro. Years later, she finally got up the nerve to do something about it, the case went to court, charges were laid. Apparently the elders got in trouble too.

    Same old, same old story...Watachtower in Crisis...Secrets of Pedophilia in a American Canadian Religion.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Hey truthseeker,

    thanks for the post!

    Can you tell us where in ontario this took place?

    The Oracle?

  • beginnersmind
    Many are unable to do that because of the threats made on their well being, even their life.

    I dont suppose you or anybody for that matter can provide proof to back this comment up especially the latter part? Im just asking because if im going to bring this up in conversation I would like to be abe to say it knowing I can back it up with evidence and not be accused of just repeating heresay. Do you know what I mean?

  • steviedances

    For beginnermind,

    Hi, you asked if it's true that JWs sometimes threaten the "well-being" or "lives" of others.

    The answer is especially those JWs who are PEDOPHILES and the like do exactly that.

    Not only those sexually molested are threatened and harassed but those who speak up for victims.

    When fearing prison time etc JWs fearing those do the usual negative things that other

    lawbreakers do. You yourself were or are probably a decent person who wouldn't

    dream of it, but pedophiles are not the same. Nor are those who protect pedophiles.

    To give you one written instance, at the trial of JW pedophile Manual Belize threats were voiced against the victim. If you want more, a quick source for you is silentlambs.org.

    Call there and ask if you want more. I myself was also threatened with being "beaten

    to within an inch" of my life.

  • truthsearcher
    Can you tell us where in ontario this took place?

    This took place in Owen Sound, Ontario, a fairly small community where word about sickness like this gets around and shocks the neighbours. I do not know when it occurred or any more details, but maybe a web search would bring those up, if you are interested.

    As far as threatening the victims go, do you consider telling a child that they are lying, and if they continue with their story, that they will be shunned by their entire Witness community, a threat? For a child, that is a devastating prospect that rocks their very security. Do you consider telling the child's parents that if they speak out against this in the congregation or go to the police then they will be guilty of slander and disfellowshipped, to be a threat? I would see this as a spiritual threat--after all, if you are kicked off the "ark" and Armaggedon comes (cuz ya know the end is so near, doncha?), then things don't look very good for you now, do they? In my mind, it equals emotional and spiritual blackmail.

    I mention the above behaviours because they have been typical responses in the past to a child's story of molestation (again, see silentlambs website). The organization speaks out of 2 sides of their mouth on this one, as their articles say children don't lie about molestation since it is outside of their comprehension and so utterly repulsive to them. The attitude of the elders has been a total contradiction of this fact.

    Do I love Witnesses as people? Yes and I pray for many to have their eyes opened to the fact that they have been deceived by wolves and false teachers. Do I condone their cover-up of pedophilia to protect the image of their organization as a spiritual paradise and the True Religion? Absolutely not!

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It helps to have experiences like this when talking to local JW's. Makes them realize that these things are happening in "our own backyard".


  • beginnersmind

    Thanks steviedances & truthsearcher for the comments on the threats. Truthsearcher I can understand the non physical or spiritual ones with the emotional and spiritual blackmail thrown in and I agree that is exactly what they are and I agree with everything you say. I was more asking about the physical kind and steviedances your right I suppose someone who can abuse children could quite easily threaten someone phsically especially faced with prison. I think I was more thinking how could a jw threaten another jw instead of a pedophile threatening a victim. Thanks again for your comments on this.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    It isn't all too surprising, many pedophiles lurk and hide themselves under cover so to speak, in amongst the righteous people of churches or this case kingdom halls

    The JWS always claimed that it was always the other Satan controlled religions like the Catholics for example, but the problem was with them just as well.

    They would never openly admit it of courses. the only reason the Catholics had to admit they had a problem is because the media force it upon them.

    Allot evil can be covered up with the white sheet of righteous as the general public is starting to realize, even at the kingdom halls.

    There is after all a public relations clause that states that are particular religious faith is pure, good and righteous unlike the others around.

  • truthsearcher

    Thanks for all who have commented on this thread. I'd like to offer a friendly welcome to the newbies The Oracle and Beginnersmind. I have cut back on my posting since school started, so I have missed all the fresh blood on JWD.

    I received a phone call from Granny Grace (aka Mouthy), and she thought she knew the case and perhaps had even been in attendance at the trial. If others are aware, perhaps they could post more details?

  • mouthy

    I think this was the Vicki Boer case ?????I could be wrong though ...I attended that case .

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