Why use the word apostate?

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  • Philippus79

    Lol, "conscious consumers"! Sound very political correct! gg The etymological side of the word has already been discussed in this thread. So I just want to add a Biblical consideration to it. From my study of the Scripture and my (moderate) understanding of Greek you cannot be an apostate to an organisation, only to a faith. When I leave the Org does it necessarily mean I leave YHWH or Jesus/Yahushua? Does it mean I will reject the Bible? Does it necessarily mean I start to indulge in an unbiblical lifestyle? No, it does not. So really even they themselves if they have to use this word they should only use it for those who become atheists or change to a religion which rejects Jesus. Phil

  • erandir

    How about "antiwitness"? Kind of like antichrist.

    Or antidub, maybe.

    Or cultfree.

  • RollerDave

    You can chaw on this all you want, dissect it, regurgitate some, poop the rest, and fling the whole mess at Ted Jaracz, but it won't change the fact that we are 'apostates' from the JW's, and God Bless us for it!

    I call myself an apostate. I feel no shame in it. I give no power to anyone when I do so, for I choose to self identify thus. I could just as easily reject it and it would vanish, it simply holds no power over me.

    The power it holds is over THEM.

    My success makes them the liars.

    What I know makes them tremble because I have a way with words and could probably convince them if given a chance.

    I am a threat to all they want kept unmentioned and have little enough decorum to let myself be 'overheard' in public telling the truth.

    Apostasy from error is no shame, in fact it is something to be proud of!

    I will continue to use the term, and if any don't like it, let them feel free to disregard.

    I'll not bend to pressure NOT to use the term any more than I bowed to pressure not to BE the term!

    I'm not professionally OR perpetually offended, don't YOU be either and we'll get along just peachy keen.

    Roller (of the 'proud' apostate class)

  • dobbie

    If thats what they want to call me its fine by me, but in actual fact i tell hubby that they are the apostates and i can't wait for them to start chasing him up again so i can say 'sorry but i don't speak to evil apostates'!

  • greendawn

    In fact the word apostafest is nice, it has an excellent twist of irony in it as the "apostates" have feasts and enjoy life contrary to what the JWs believe.

    In fact apostates are just people that love freedom of thought and have no intention to spiritually harm the JWs or lead them astray into satan's arms.

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    Phil you are so right! A Christian would need to turn away from the teachings of Jesus Christ to be considered an apostate. But the JDub and so does other abuse the bibical term.

    I guess if one thinks that apostate is someone who rejects their religion then the following term applies to everyone but the original Christian churches in the N.T., and the hurches had problems trying get away from pagans who worship everything.

    The name Protestant, common to all these sects, is really a negative term, denoting their refusal to admit the teaching authority of the ancient Church.

    I guess that is the warning that Paul was trying to point out which sect do you belong? NONE, we belong to Christ. and the KM missed the point.

  • Gayle

    I have no problem considering myself a Watchtower Society 'apostate'. Webster's dictionary states apostasy: 1. renunciation of a religious faith 2. abandonment of a previous loyalty: defection (conscious abandonment of allegiance (as to a person, cause or doctrine).

  • Shawn10538

    I don't even like bringing up my disfellowshipping to ex-members. I just don't want people to know. It's private. I hate it when people just ask me straight out. It pisses me off. I don't identify my self as a disfellowshipped person and I don't want anybody else categorizing me that way. I never ask people if they are or ever have been disfellowshipped. I wish more of you on this forumm felt this way, then we could avoid buying into JW Speak words and concepts.

  • lfcviking

    I agree. I have just posted a topic on this same matter also giving the same questions.

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