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  • Awakened07

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

    To me, the picture posted below is one of the - if not the - most significant images I've seen so far in my life. Why is that?

    As I was growing up (a JW), I was taught that the universe was in perfect harmony. God had created it to perfection. Every planet was swirling around it's sun to perfection, every galaxy partook in a perfect dance with other galaxies.

    Sure - humans were imperfect because of the original sin, and - for some reason - the animals were as well. I could to some degree understand that. "Imperfect humans probably couldn't live with perfect animals", I thought.

    But the universe...

    It still had to be perfect. The earth itself, which is home to God's physical, living beings is counting on that; in an imperfect universe, the globe would be prone to all sorts of cosmic accidents. Jehovah couldn't allow that, and besides, why the heck would the universe be imperfect because of the original sin of mankind, so yes - I believed the universe had to be perfect.

    Then - not more than a year ago I'm sure - I came across this image. And I was blown away:

    So - what are we looking at here?

    It is a Hubble telescope image of the Antennae galaxies (NGC4038 and NGC4039).

    What are they doing?

    They are colliding.

    That is to say, they're merging at a very slow pace, due to their gigantic size (relative to us). Nevertheless; if you were able to make a couple of billion year spanning time-laps video, you would see them forcefully and 'explosively' colliding, and eventually forming into one single galaxy, with the excess matter being thrown into space.

    Why is this so significant to me?

    Because it shows that the universe is not perfect.

    "But hang on now - is that it? Is that all you've got? After all - perhaps God simply let go of some of his upholding, active force after the fall of mankind, such that even the universe was affected? Doesn't that kinda stumble the argument?"

    No, it does not. These galaxies are 63 million light years away from us. That means the light which makes it possible for us to see them has traveled for over 60 million years (at a speed of ~180.000 mps) when it reaches our telescopes.

    This in turn means that if we're to believe the Bible's story - no matter if you believe in an old or a young earth; in literal or figurative creation days - these galaxies started colliding several million years before the original sin.

    And so mankind's fall and any following lack of "guiding force" on the part of God can not have been the reason for them to start colliding. They were colliding long before man was created.

    "But hang on again - surely what we are seeing here then, is actually the creative hand of God at work? What we see now is - as you point out - after all something that happened several million years ago, and so we may actually be looking at God himself in the process of creating a galaxy!?"


    That is to say - if you believe that, you believe that God creates a galaxy by first making two separate galaxies, then smashing them together in order to form one, single galaxy. This can in that case be likened to wanting to build a car, but instead of making it from scratch from drawings and crafting it from parts, you would first make two separate cars, then take them apart in order to form the one, single car you set out to build in the first place. With lots of scrap metal left over. Would that seem like the handiwork and thinking process of a perfect being?

    For a slightly more in depth (and easily comprehensible) look into this and similar occurrences, have a look at this YouTube video (narrative is a little unclear, but legible) : He addresses young earth creationists, but the core content of the video applies here.

    -If you feel the need to express the notion that the speed of light hasn't been constant since creation, and that that can somehow explain this 'phenomenon', have a look at this video: The speed of light is constant in a vacuum.

    -You can walk away after seeing this image and what it represents with what ever feelings and beliefs you want, obviously. But to me, it shows that something must be wrong with the religions that are based on a more or less literal understanding of the Bible.

  • Awakened07

    The text formatting got screwed up a little at the end there, but it looked OK in the reply box, so...

  • eclipse

    Awakened, I agree with how you think.

  • bigdreaux

    that is very profound. good job man. i love your posts. keep it up!

  • Paralipomenon

    yay! Astronomy!

    It's one of my favorite subjects.

    I just love stellar phenomenon and thanks for pointing this one out. It's amazing to be able to look at images from deep space and be filled with awe, not in a religious way, but it just puts into scope how small and short our lives are.

    Makes me want to enjoy life more rather than have it wasted following some religious order.

  • forsharry

    and I'd say right on. :)

  • journey-on

    Thanks for the beautiful image. I don't get the same thoughts from this as you do because our puny little science and our puny little brains can't possibly contemplate much less understand and interpret seemingly cataclysmic cosmic occurrences. But the picture is beautiful nonetheless.

  • hamsterbait

    Oh Awakened - OH OH yet NO!

    You silly little mammal!

    How can you miss the sign from hamstergod? It is proof of human evolution.

    It is an image of cro magnon man's skull inscribed in the heavens by divine will.

    The jaw is lower left with the eye sockets at upper left. To the right is the dome of the cranium!

    Bet you missed all the occult images in the Witchtower too...


  • Awakened07

    Thanks for the compliments.

    Here's an article that goes a little more indepth, with more examples:

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I was looking at a slideshow of Hubble pics last night Awakened07 - awesome!!!

    Can I ask if JW's believe that God's original creation was perfect solely on the the Genesis account or do they use other Scriptures too?

    I ask because Genesis doesn't actually say everything was created perfect - it was just 'very good' ie 'how God planned/wanted it to be' (so 'perfect' in that sense without the necessity of the scientific definition)

    True this is a common misinterpretation by some mainstream Christians as well - they can't seem to accept that God would create anything 'less than perfect' (in human terms!) so I can see how they and JW's should struggle to reconcile this disorder with what they believe.

    edit to add link to Hubble slideshow - apologies that it's on a Christian site!

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