New RBC arrangements/directives

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  • besty

    has anybody got specific knowledge around the WTS owning title deeds of KH's?

  • blondie

    The congregation who holds the territory on which the KH sits is a non-profit corporation that holds the title deed. If the congregation is dissolved. it reverts to the parent nonprofit corporation, the WTS.

  • skeeter1

    The remodels happen to "get around" the 9/11 law that allows the US government to use a KH as a command center.

    That's bloody hypocritical!

    First, Bethel routinely invites the local policemen walking on the streets outside, inside for a warm cup of coffee & treats. Bethel also routinely purchases police vehicles & firetrucks for local emergency departments. The local officials think "what a nice Bethel, trying to help us/encourage us to do our jobs."

    The hypocrisy is that Bethel is ONLY being "nice" to local governments for selfish reasons. Bethel knows that NYC doesn't like the church as it does not contribute to the tax rolls due to its exempt status. So, to keep peace, Bethel throws the local government a bone here & a bone there. By inviting the local policement, they are giving a "good witness" and scratching the back that protects them.

    But, the truth is that when a MAJOR September 11th type/Hurricane Katrina disaster happens, the Governing Body does not want to lend a helping hand. The Kingdom Halls are off limits. THIS IS SELFISH, AGAINST JESUS OWN WORDS (GOOD SAMARITAN/LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE), and SHOOTS THE JWs in THEIR OWN FOOT.

    If the Society was smart, they would OPEN their Kingdom Halls in natural disasters. It's an AWESOME opportunity to PREACH the gospel through good deeds.

    Perhaps by not helping out, the Watchtower thinks it will "bring on" Armegheddon.

    Is there any "written" type documentation any current elder can get on this remodel mandate?

    I think the News Media would like to see a copy.


  • primitivegenius

    i have built so damn many kingdom halls its crazy............ and i would LOVE to say this was all bull. and 5 years ago i would be argueing untill i was blue in the face.......... well maybe 6 years ago lol.

    i have a FACT to share..........

    when you want to do anything to a hall.......... first step is mandatory to speak with the RBC..............

    i know a dude whos job it is to convince the hall that they need to sell their hall and build a new one.

    he straight out admits it.............. now he will sling alot of bullS*** regarding this.

    he will try to convince the body that it makes the best sense.............. why, oh he has a damn long list.

    first he will say that appreciation since the hall was built would make them a good bit of money.

    then he will say you just have to buy the land and building materials........ because of course the labor is free.

    so he will say you spent 100k for your old hall............... which you can sell for 300k.......... and spend another 100k or less for new land.......... build a hall worth 600k for just a small percentage of that taken out as a loan from the society............... then when you sell the next one.......... bigger profit.

    then he will tell them that a new hall will require much less matinace than the old one they want to remodel.

    so............. they are gonna make money.............. but still spend more than they owe......... WTH

    who they gonna be makeing that profit for?

    the hall i grew up in had a loan from the society for like 60k with a payment of like 300 a month............

    they wanted to remodel it......... but the RBC wanted them to sell and rebuild, because its to much of a pain to remodel and a new hall would be much nicer and be a good example for the community. blah blah blah........

    fact is they wanted this little cong to cough up more than 1000 a month for this new hall............. when they were accustomed to paying 300................. needless to say they are useing a hall thats like 15 yrs old with orginal carpet............

    so all these facts make damn good sense to me now

  • Rabbit

    Interesting Graft.

    As a contractor, here is what I would be asking, if I were 'still in': Is there a common general supplier(s) for the various goods ? Maybe nationally or regionally there is a 'good' Brother that 'gets the business' because he IS a Witness ?

    That...would really add up to a lot of money. Think about it...if you wanted a bookbag, bible cover or any of the other crap Field Service required...we all ordered from some JW that had that business.

    All of the Elders, etc. here that are 'still in' could start compiling lists of the contractors/suppliers etc. that the RBC's are pushing on the congos. Collect all that the results...and see where it leads...


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