Reading something, that made me want to spit FIRE

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  • Irish Rose
    Irish Rose

    I get a news letter called Tidbits. In it talks about things that are going on involving the JWs, Morman's and other groups. Any ways I was reading this article about how the WT is called a "pedophile Paradies". And it was talking about a 6 year old little boy that was forced to perform oral sex in the KH by a 55 yr old JW. Because there were not 2 witness to this horrible act, the elders did NOTHING.

    I tell you one thing, I am so glad that I quit going when I did. And if that were my child, I would have called the police right then and there. I would have had a rape kit done on my child. I bet there would have been found DNA from that @$$ HOLE, found on that child. And then let them try to get around the two witness rule. The DNA would the the second witness.

  • greendawn

    Unfortunately that is true, the JW organisation has produced the two witness rule through twisting some Biblical verses in order to evade the possibility of paying massive damages for sexual abuse by its elders and perhaps other members.

    If no abuse can be proven they will not be liable to paying damages.

  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land

    Yes, the two-witness rule is disgusting in the way it facilitates child molestation. Even in the scriptures, the scenarios where two-witnesses were called for in the OT didn't involve cases such as this.

    Wouldn't Jehovah be one of the "witnesses" of the abuse? Perhaps the elders should be throwing the Urim and the Thummim or some dice (after praying of course), to see which way Jehovah directs, since he sees all. (RIGgggggghhhhhhtt.......)

  • wozadummy

    This is sickening and along those lines I asked our old book study conductor whether DNA from a rape kit be acceptable as a "witness".

    He did'nt know so he researched it and told my wife some time later it was {the trouble here is I don't know if this is WTS policy or him just reasoning on it}

    Still a problem is whether this stands up as only one witness or covers two witnesses because it is forensic evidence.

    This leads to interpretation does'nt it ,as forensic evidence was'nt around in bible times so how is it now the WTS can bend their 2 witness rule based on their understanding of the scriptures and put aside two living people needed as evidence in favour of forensic evidence.?This to me shows they have it wrong, for they are now twisting their own rule ,they say they get from the bible, in favour of a modern procedure .This does not mean I agree with the 2 witness rule ,I'm just exposing their hypocrisy. Damn I feel disgust for that scum.

  • jaguarbass

    It seems like the witnoids policy of keeping everything in house and not wanting to bring shame on Jehober or the organization makes kingdumb halls pedophile paradises.

    I'm pretty sure fundementally the witnoids are against such behavior.

    But predators will exploit favorable situations.

  • MeneMene

    The problem with DNA is that it is all gone by the time the victim tells the elders and they call Brooklyn Legal Dept.

    IF Brooklyn decides it should be reported and the elder is instructed to telephone the police from a pay phone so he can't be identified all evidence is long gone.

    Too bad the victim or parents are to stupid (brainwashed) to go to the police themselves!!!

  • flipper

    Irish Rose- Good point about the DNA being useful. To me what is important is what the law of the land says. Child molestation is a felony breaking of the law. I confronted an elder about that once and asked him, " If you don't report a child molester to the authorities aren't you aiding and abetting a criminal ? Thereby hindering justice to be done ? " He had no answer. I gave him the answer.

    When the child molestation settlements were settled by 16 victims last spring against the witnesses, I was curious if any witnesses or ex-witnesses were on file as sex offenders in the town I was raised in California. So I looked it up on Megan's and it gives pictures and names of everybody in each town who is a registered sex offender. I found 5 or 6 people who had been or used to be witnesses that I knew growing up in my town who were registered sex offenders. I would recommend others do this if you knew people in your area that were offenders. Educate yourself, the protect others and warn them.

    The problem in the witness organization is they are so damned concerned about damage control, they won't release the names of those in their ranks who are molesters. You have to get that information from other sources. Believe me, in time their names will leak out

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