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  • faundy

    I stopped going to meeting over a year ago (profile explains why) and have enjoyed doing all the stuff that comes with being a non-witness; ie going out, meeting new people, lying in on a Sunday, never having to wear dowdy skirts, etc. However since coming on the forum and commenting more, I have realised that eventually I will wonder about faith again. I still have a Bible, the NWT, and even though some may say it's not a good version I do find it pleasant to read, and it's what I'm used to. I was wondering where many here have turned, if they are still believers in a Creator. I'm nervous about going to a new church but if I didn't really have the truth, I'm a bit scared about where to go next. I personally am not satisfied with a big bang/evolutionary theory as the reason I'm here. Any thoughts?

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Take your time. Read. Ponder. Don't let anyone force or bully you into anything.

    It's your journey. Enjoy it.

    Open Mind


    Faundy..I`m not a Christian,but we have some cool Christian Posters here..Hopefully they can give you some advise..If you want to check out some Christian Church`s,do it..There`s nothing stopping you now..You may meet some very nice people..I`m lucky enough to have some very good,Christian friend`s..They love their Religion and I don`t believe a word of it..LOL!!..Still,we are good friends...OUTLAW

  • carla

    I don't mean to be rude but I have a question, you continue to read the NWT because you think it is 'pleasant'? Even though you now understand that it has been added to, changed, and basically is simply a jw commentary on the bible? Have you tried other translations? or even looking the society's own KIT to see how many deceitful changes there have been? You say you are 'used' to the NWT, people can and do get 'used' to many things. Even people who are beaten regularly get 'used' to it, one can get 'used' to mediocrity but should we? Challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone, you may be surprised at yourself and the world around you.

    Why do you feel the need to 'go' anywhere? The comment by jw's 'where else can we go' should be 'to whom'. If you are still a believer maybe you need a bit of time to heal from the high control cult you were in and just read the bible all by itself and see where it leads you.

    As for your question if there are believers here or Christians, yes, many. And many others too! From Atheists to Christians to Pagans and everything inbetween. So you may want to get to know certain posters before thinking they are some sort of scholar or something, there have been a few throughout the years who are one marble short, in my opinion.

  • faundy

    I can't really explain it, other than the NWT is what I'm familiar with, I don't like all the thees and thous that come with other translations. I don't know how much the NWT is off the mark because I have never looked into it. I didn't leave the WTS because of being disillusioned with their translation of the Bible. I think it's harsh to say that being comfortable with the familiar in this instance can be compared to being familiar with violence- I don't see that as a strong argument. I'm simply after people's opinions; I like the idea of the born-again faith in some ways but not in others. And I wonder whether there will ever be a religion that people are 100% happy with, and if not, then why not? After all, if it has God's backing (presuming he exists) surely it should be perfect??

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I would agree it's best to take your time and do some research. It takes quite a lot of time to get all of the jw mindset out of a person. Then, just when you think it's gone, some part of it rears its ugly head.

    Why did your family decide to leave the organization? It is nice you have all of them out except one.

    As far as churches go, you can stop by and sample them, if you choose to. I know the UU, Unitarian/Universalist ones accept gay persons. They even walked in a gay parade here recently.

    Wishing you the best in your journey. Take it slow.

    Sincerely, choosing Life

  • What-A-Coincidence

    "Believe nothing, no matter where you heard it, or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reasons and your own common sense." -- Buddha

  • eclipse

    That's what JW's want you to think about the bible, that they are all just versions of the KJV.

    they aren't...there are many written in even more understandable english than the NWT.

    click here:


    New American Standard Version is the least biased I have heard...

    Contemporary english version is very interesting as it puts a modern spin on the bible

    New International Version is good too.

    I stay away from the KJV, as I find it very hard to understand it.

    And about evolution, the JW's were masters at showing us how it didn't make sense.

    Learn what evlution is actually about. then feel free to judge whether or not to believe it...

    The JW's pretty much LIED about what evolution teaches.

    All the best to you on your journey, faundy! The journey is what life is all about...

  • truthsearcher

    Hi there and welcome to JWD:

    I am one of those Christian posters previously alluded to, but hopefully not one of the ones with some marbles missing!

    I love to read my Bible, and I do like the New King James version, because it is still somewhat poetic in feel (ie beautiful to read) but it is easier to understand (ie no thees or thous!). I also use a KIT quite a bit, because, as has been mentioned, the Watchtower have deliberately changed the NWT to fit their doctrinal false teachings. I want to know what the original Greek says, and you can read along underneath the Greek to get the basic idea. (I am also learning Koine greek too, but that is coming quite slowly, and isn't really necessary to understanding). It is quite fascinating to see how the WT just changes and inserts things when it suits their purposes. It is right there in black and white in the KIT, just across the page! I guess they never thought anyone would bother checking, or that they could just talk their way around the changes, and the sheep would blindly follow.

    So I encourage you to keep reading, but to try and get a different version. I actually picked up a brand new New King James at the Salvation Army thrift shop for free. I use a highlighter and sticky notes with abandon, and really try and dig into the meat of what is being said, in a thorough way (lots of cross references for back up.) I want to see what the whole scripture teaches, not just one verse here or there. You will find the teachings are quite different than the Watchtower, and it will be a balm to your weary soul to read that the heavenly class is open to all who would like to accept Christ as Saviour. You can know that you have everlasting life, you do not have to worry about working yourself into an early grave to try and appease an angry Jehovah. The price has already been paid by Jesus on your behalf.

    There are many Christians who would love to help you untangle the tangled web of Witness doctrine, so just yell for help when you are ready!

    I am one of those who believes in a Creator, that the Bible is his manual for living to us, and that he does want us to fellowship with one another. You have had a taste of a counterfeit religion, it would be wonderful for you to experience the real deal under loving shepherds amongst fellow believers! I don't have specific recommendations, but you might consider a Bible teaching church with lots of activities for fellowship--maybe Baptist, or open Brethren? I have found them to be concerned with obeying the Bible and made wonderful friends that have lasted for years, even when I switched churches or denominations. (ie no shunning!) But you have to check them out and see if you like them.

    Feel free to send me a personal message if you'd like to talk some more about this. I am cutting back on my posts because my life is very very busy again now that fall is here.

  • tula

    I would suggest that you spend Sunday mornings at Barnes and Nobles. Have a cup of coffee and curl up in one of those soft overstuffed chairs with a few good books to browse through. I would suggest you start with self-help ...a little psychology and philosophy might be good spiritual browses.

    Don't jump from frying pan to fire. A lot of those Christians think they are chosen also. They think they are going to fly out of here real soon.

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