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  • bob1999

    Burger Time, You said;

    "It seemed to me from your post that you were trying to imply there was some conspiracy going on. That the leaders felt they could keep together if they played the Armageddon angle. More then likely though they actually believed in what they were saying. It probably had nothing to do with some diabolical plot to pull the wool over peoples eyes."

    Russel might have believed what he wrote. But that's it. Rutherford on down are a bunch of liars. Period.

    Wake up and smell the roses. How can anyone who changes their so called beliefs over and over and over again be telling the truth in the first place? Just think about it.

    "We are the only religion that knows god and has god's approval and feeds you meat in due season" If that were true why would the "truth" change all the time? Don't fool yourself. Just think about it with a clear mind.

    Please forget everything the WTS has taught you and read the Bible for yourself. It's really not that hard.

    Again, I am sorry. I don't mean to hurt you or anyone else.

  • bob1999

    Burger Time,

    "No problem....I have a habit of speaking a little to quickly on message boards. They probably just realized how goofy of logic it was......"

    You are missing something very important.

    The WTS claims to be the only channel between man and God. Because of that, they either are what they claim to be or they are liars. There is nothing in between.

    Other men have preached things that were not biblical and later realized it and corrected their teaching. But the difference is, those men did not claim to be the "only channel between God and man".

    Once the WTS made these claims they now have to live up to it.

    If God is giving them "meat in due season" to feed to the people then that meat can't be spoiled. God would not give spoiled meat.

    You make my point for me.

    God would not ask His only spokesman to tell His people things that are "goofy logic".

  • bob1999

    Burger Time, one more thing.

    In Matthew 24:2 Jesus told His Disciples, speaking of the temple in Jerusalem, that not one stone will be left upon another.

    In vs. 3 the disciples ask about the sign of His coming and the end of the age. That is the end of the Mosaic age. They were living in a transition time. The temple was still standing, the law had not been "made obsolete" or "vanished" yet.

    Hebrews 7:13, which was written later says that the old covenant is BECOMING obsolete and is growing old and is ready to vanish away. It does not say that the old covenant had vanished yet. But it did vanish, in AD 70 when the temple was destroyed.

    AD 70 marked the end of the law time and the completion of Christ's first coming.

    vs. 16 talks about those who are in Judea fleeing to the mountains. (to escape the destruction of the city)

    vs. 19 and alas for those who are with child....

    All of this is talking about the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. Not the second coming of Christ but the completion of His first coming.

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