Cases of fornication when only one of the involved individuals will confess

by Judge Rochefort 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Judge Rochefort
    Judge Rochefort
    What happens in cases of fornication between two Jehovah's Wintesses if one of them confesses but the other denies the facts?

    Would there be a judicial committee to the one who confesses while the other individual would be left as if nothing had happened?

    I would love to know specially the opinions of elders or ex-elders.

    Thank you!
  • sir82

    You mean, no other witnesses?

    If so, then yes, that is exactly what happens. The one who confesses faces a judicial committee. The other, who did not confess, gets off scot-free.

  • Crazyguy
    I know of a case where one confessed and the other denied. I also know of another case where a newbie male was making advances towards a born in and when she turned him down he went and told the elders they were doing things. She denied it and was reproved anyway. Good news is she left the cult.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I do not recall that ever happening. In every case when one confesses the other

    party also confess when he or she is meeting with the elders.

    But what could be done if one do not confess, the two witness rule.

    It wasn't me, I never touch that woman, maybe it was Satan.

    Really nothing could be done if he or she doesn't confess.. You can't

    use circumstantial evidence. Look at the child abuse cases in the borg.

  • Judge Rochefort
    Judge Rochefort
    She was reproved anyway, Crazyguy? Was she censored or something like that?
  • NVR2L8
    My own daughter was dated raped by a JW who was engaged to be married. She went to the elders but the guy denied it saying my daughter was obsessed by him and trying to break his engagement. She was put on restrictions and he was married at the Kingdom Hall...2 years later he admitted having sex with my apology from the elders who didn't believe my daughter. And they didn't understand why she disassociated.!
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    NVR2l8: What a jerk. Did you file charges against the creep?
  • Judge Rochefort
    Judge Rochefort
    Exactly, James, exactly. That's why I'm interested in this question. Would they act against someone who don't confess about committing fornication but not to someone who don't confess about abusing a child?

    I think it would be very interesting if somebody knows cases where somebody is accused of committing fornication, or apostasy, or any other "serious sin", in which there are not two witnesses, and the accused is called anyways into a judicial committee.
  • redvip2000

    Had this same thing happen at my old congo. The father of one of my good friends had an affair with another married sister in the same hall.

    Once he was caught, he confessed and she denied everything. He was reproved, and nothing happened to her at all. A truly pathetic situation - everybody knew it happened, even that sister's husband knew that it was all true, but nothing was done.

    One could ask how Jehoober allows that to happen in his organization, where simply denying something will allo you to stay inside the congo associating with others.

  • NVR2L8


    I only found out years after when I left the cult. I live 600 km away from my daughter and as a good little JW I had little to do with her when she disassociated herself. I didn't know why she disassociated herself and later assumed it was because she moved in with her new boyfriend. What an ass I was.

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