JW Holocaust victims remembered again

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  • horrible life
    horrible life


    Just received this in my email, courtesy of Google. Who is the wonderful poster, that has written several times to Holocaust archives, and told them the truth about the Watchtower? Rebel8 maybe?

    I think this person needs an email. I am not the person to do it. Sounds like this project has already been done, and more in the making. I sure would like to save this group some money, that could be spent on more deserving victims.

  • rebel8

    Yeah that was me. (Note to anyone interested: See my thread a few months ago about the Holocaust Museum correspondence & outcome.)

    It sounds like an artist is memorializing victims of the Nazis by marking their old homes with a plaque of some sort. I guess I don't personally feel bothered by this. My beef is with painting the wts as a victim of the Nazis while it was really a friend. Individual jws were really victims (of both the wts and the Nazis).

    Unfortunately with projects like this, that message gets mixed up in some people's minds.

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