A couple of comparisons: the WT of today vs the early 1970s

by Skimmer 10 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Skimmer

    With the advent of the Potemkin/KoolAid split, I expect a few changes apart from the partition of study vs general interest articles.

    The Potemkin (public) edition will retain full color printing and may indeed have physical production quality increased; e.g., larger page size, glossy paper, and higher resolution printing. On the other hand, the KoolAid (private) edition may see a reversion to monochrome printing and cheaper paper (if such exists). The basic idea here is that the WTBTS wants to maximize cash input, so they're not going so expend any resources on an edition intended only for cheap JWs.

    Also, with the coming of the Potemkin WT edition, I doubt that the Awake rag is going to be around too much longer. Likewise, the Kingdom Ministry will also disappear with the KoolAid WT edition taking up the slack.

    Isn't amazing that all "new light" regarding organizational changes can be explained by that love of money that is the root of all evil?

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