I'm sick...

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  • exwitless

    I've gotten the obligatory "back to school" cold. It happens every year when our son goes back to school - he brings home some kind of cold bug. So here I am. My head hurts, my face hurts, I'm dizzy, my throat is scratchy.

    What's worse is that I missed an opportunity to sing at a city art show Friday! That sucks. I finally got a chance to sing and I missed it because of this stupid cold. Oh well, maybe another time.

    Not that anyone missed me, but I haven't posted for about a week now. I got trampled on a bit for a post I made which was obviously misunderstood (and by the way, the whole subject was inconsequential and SO not worth the emotions that ensued). So that kinda spoiled my fun. I'll see ya all here and there, but I definitely am backing off of this forum a bit. It's not worth getting upset about. And by the way, in case you missed it, my hubby Little Drummer Boy has completely DA'd himself from this forum. Makes me sad, because now we don't have this forum to share together. I'm a little grumpy at a couple of people about it, but I just have to let it go. Like I said, it's not worth getting upset about. Laters...

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    I feel sorry for you dear!! (((HUGS))) Get well soon!


    Lady Liberty

  • What-A-Coincidence

    i know i've missed you! tell ldb I, I mean, that we will take good care of you ... Tell him WAC misses him ... wishes he could reinstate himself.

  • free2think

    Thats such a shame Exwitless.


  • Scully
    It happens every year when our son goes back to school

    Maybe it's a seasonal allergy rather than a cold? I get what appears to be a "cold" at exactly the same time every year - turns out that it's a seasonal allergy.

    Feel better soon! Sending some virtual homemade chicken soup your way....

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Well - I am sorry that LDB has left the forum. Slap him for me will ya'? Just in case, check your addy book to make sure my email is in there - I would hate to loose contact with a fellow Hoosier if you decide to DA too someday - or maybe me - fat chance of that I suppose.

    Sorry about the cold - that happens. I am sorry about your singing engagement getting shelved too.

    Glad you preened the ruffled feathers and jumped back on the perch. This place would not be the same without your pleasant face.


  • BFD

    Hi exwitness,

    I am sorry you missed out on your singing engagement. I had no idea what happened to make LDB leave but I just went back in your post history and I think I found what the problem was. Not to minimize hurt feelings but,

    I think it's all very silly.

    Please stay and tell LDB that BFD wants him back. There's a new round of werewolf that will be starting soon.

    I spent last holiday weekend hopped up on Nyquil on the couch! Fun, fun, fun! Four days off and I was sick with a hard cold.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.


  • tula


    I would recommend oil of oregano. It will kill any bad bug you got! It kills virus, bacteria, and even parasites. It has even been proven to kill bird flu virus.



    I also recommend that if you use this, take with food. Any oil supplement is better assimilated when taken with food (that includes co-Q-10, omegas, fish oil, etc.)

  • nvrgnbk

    Sorry about your cold, exwit.

    I didn't realize you were a singer, sorry I missed that detail about you.

    That's a wonderful talent to be endowed with.

    Yes, we can get emotionally entangled in things that have little importance.

    I can relate.

    One thing is true, we all need love.

    If LDB is up to it, tell him to come back and get some.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Brotherly(human, not JW ) love to ya,


    P.S.- A little home remedy.

    Don't sue me if it doesn't work. LOL!

    Eat a jalapeno.

    Squeeze all the juice of a lime into a triple shot of tequila.

    Slam it.

    You should feel much better when you wake up.

    Scientific reasons this works:

    1. The chile, lime and alcohol all create a very hostile environment for whatever is attacking you. Attack it back!

    2. The capsicum in the chile releases endorphins.

    3. The chile and the lime contain highly-concentrated doses vitamin C.

    4. The tequila, like the alcohol in Nyquil, will help you sleep.

  • Sparkplug

    Hey sweetie, I missed all of the hub bub. But tel LDB not to do that mess. Just back up for a bit,,then get back in here. we all have had to do it. Things push our nerves. then piss us off and well we get back in the swing and move right on by whatever it was. BTW.. must have misse the whole thing. I have no clue. But not knowing is alright too sometimes...SOMEtimes. Just wanted to say, I hope he just steps off a bit and realizes it is not worth leaving really

    I am sorry you have a cold. I got one too from the elementary school and feel like crap. So I am debating which side of the bed to sleep in all day today. I am going to take some meds, and try to aim for more sleep today. I am with you in feeling like poo. So sorry my dear. I hope you feel better...

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