Illegal Immigration is not a Crime!

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  • flipper

    Don't forget the Al-Quaida members who are sneaking over our Mexico borders and wanting to change their given Arabic names to Mexican names! Once they attack us again, I wonder if we will consider it a crime then ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • bigdreaux

    don't worry mr. flipper. if that happens, the republicrats and the democrans will figure a way to divert our attention so they can carry on as usual.

  • zack

    Ah yes. Those rascally illegal immigrants from Mexico. I think they are the cause of lunar eclipses, the trade deficit, and possibly even global warming. Hell! 12 millions of them probably

    put our so much CO2 that they are most likely the single biggest contributor to the melting of the polar ice caps. Save Greenland! Expel the illegals!

    Quit being such xenophobes. And Rudy is right. I don't like him. But he's right. Any of you smart asses ever been a US Attorney? Or Mayor of New York? Or made a million dollars?

    Ever run ANYTHING except your mouths?

  • bigdreaux
    Any of you smart asses ever been a US Attorney? Or Mayor of New York? Or made a million dollars?

    Ever run ANYTHING except your mouths?

    sooooooooooooo, because we've never had these life experiences, along with almost everyone else in the world, we're not allowed to formulate an opinion? hmmm

  • SixofNine

    No, in most states they can not arrest you for run-of-the-mill speeding (as opposed to something like racing or endangerment). In most states, it is a civil, not a criminal, complaint. (I doubt that even in states where it is still a criminal complaint they can arrest you for just ordinary speeding).

    I actually have a ticket right here in front of me. There is a check box labled "Arrest? Y/N", but there is nothing on the ticket saying that the ticket itself is "in lieu of arrest". The ticket was for "no liability insurance", which also is illegal, but not a crime. Especially so since I indeed had insurance, just not the insurance form showing proof.

    An example from A Violation of the Speed Laws is a Civil (Non Criminal) Traffic Infraction


    Adjudication of Speed Law Violations:
    Civil/Criminal Adjudication of Violation: A Violation of the Speed Laws is a Civil (Non Criminal) Traffic Infraction '28-121(B)


  • zack

    Every one is entitled to their own opinion. They are not, however, entitled to their own facts. And while one may find Rudy hypocritical, one cannot change the FACTS of what he said in his quote.

    As for life experience, I'll sail the boat designed by a nautical engineer, manufactured by shipwrights with EXPERIENCE, education, and certification. You can sail the one designed and made by those who have opinions on boat building, but not the requisite EXPERIENCE.

  • TD

    ARS 28-701-2 Speed >20 mph over the posted limit in business and residential districts is a class 3 misdemeanor in AZ. (Also >35 approaching a school zone and >85 on highways.)

    It's surprisingly easy to do here. Posted speeds will bounce from 45 to 30 and back again all within a one mile stretch.

    In some of the Phoenix satellites, (Especially Tempe) appear anything less than thoroughly contrite and odds are good that you'll be arrested.

  • zugzwang

    The whole issue of "illegal immigration" is ridiculous. We refer to these individuals as "illegal immigrants." Why? Because we, who were here before them, don't want them taking over everything. Kind of like the way the Native Americans didn't want the newcomers taking over everything hundreds of years ago. Did Christopher Columbus and his crew have the "legal" right to come here? Who determines who has the "legal" right to be here? People don't like change, never have, never will. But the notion that the "illegal immigrants" are doing some unheard of thing by entering territory that doesn't "belong" to them, is completely ridiculous. Since the beginning of time people have migrated from one place to another. It happens all the time. It's only because we American's are so arrogant that we think it is such a big deal that these "illegals" dare to defy the almighty U.S.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge


    I see you're from Missouri.... I'm from Southern California, ground ZERO for the "invasion" (whether you like the word or not). We've had migrants for decades, however, it's only been the past 20 years since we've stop controlling the borders that we're having a social meltdown here. Long waits in emergency rooms, hospitals closing, overcrowded schools. tough criminals who don't get deported because it's not PC. Controlling ones border anywhere is paramount to a country sustaining itself - Europe does it, and so, by the way does MEXICO - they have one of the strictist enforcements around (ask any Guatamalan). You have NO idea what's going on, until you have to live here. A few weeks ago, a grandmother was gunned down a few miles from where I live by an illegal. She was a Mexican-American, who's family has lived here for generations. Why was she killed? She saw some 'taggers' spray painting a wall in her neighborhood, so she blinked her car lights....for that she was killed. Ask her Mexican-American family what they think about the "invasion" .... you won't get anyone to call them racists.

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