How Did The "Shepherds" Treat You?

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  • minimus

    Did you look forward to shepherding calls?

    Were you refreshed after talking to the elders?

  • SnakesInTheTower

    shepherding call? what's a shepherding call?

    Snakes (...)

  • Mum

    There were no shepherding calls. I got the h*** out of Dodge.

    There were harassment calls and hate mail. I am grateful for these because they gave me incentive to move on toward the lightness of freedom.



  • minimus

    When I told the BOE that I was resigning as an elder, one irritating elder immediatelt said, "We'll set up a shepherding call for you and your family". I said, "IF I ever need a shepherding call, I will ask you for it. In the meantime, unless I ask you for one, I will not be accepting any from you".....He turned red and said no more.

  • minimus

    The PO in our Hall was actually a very nice man. He used to let it be known that he enjoyed apple pie and ice cream and "goodies". So whenever we went to a home together, we were usually given plenty of food and the atmosphere was quite nice. Toward the evening's end, the PO would ask if everything was ok and if everything was peachy, we'd leave.

  • minimus

    It's good to see how so many were treated lovingly by the elders.

  • IP_SEC
    How Did The "Shepherds" Treat You?

    They got really really pissed when they found out what I was doing to their


  • blondie

    Mostly ignored, after all I am only a lowly woman, and a single one at that.

    I griped them when my answers followed the bible and the current WTS doctrine. So many had pet policies they used to abuse the sheep. I acted as a protector and butted them around the neck with my shepherdess crook.

    Some were apathetic

    Some were worn down and tired

    Some were looking for power and adulation

    Some were true believers the worst kind.

    Some were liars which proved to me they were athiests, to believe in God and then lie in front of him?

    The goods ones give up and die or drift away.

  • MadTiger

    I posted a few poems about them before.

    Here is a rerun of one:

    Y NV?

    Strange actions, evil forays
    not on His List
    of agreed-upon Ways.
    Righteous displays
    are quickly dimissed,
    with a gnarled fist
    by the tired old men with eyes ablaze.

    For every one who is OK, there are 19 that are like the above.

  • greendawn

    They never visit you unless it's in the interests of the WTS organisation. They only visited me when I became inactive they tried to inspire enthusiasm in me for their FS but by then it was too late.

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