Cop Leaves Police Dog In Car 12 Hours On 109 Degree Day-Dog Dies

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  • arker

    Sherrif Joe is known for being very strict and hard on criminals. But I quess that is unless he's a cop. If some one fought with the dog on a call they can be charged with assult on an officer. Why is this guy not being charged with manslaughter on an officer. Sherrif Joe is making a joke of himself and the system. I beleive the story said that Sherrif Joe doesn't want to inflict more pain on the officer because he feels bad. Give me a break, how about I want to make it right for my officer that was killed in the line of duty by a dumb a** who left him in a car when it was 109 out. I lived there before and know that if it's 109 out it's about 175 in the car. Steering wheels melt and fold in half if you park in the sun, you can fry eggs on the hood of the car.(the news shows this all the time)

    Sherrif Joe has just killed and buried his image in my eyes!

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    How the hell does anyone forget their dog for 12 hours??

    Wouldn't the eejit have noticed that he hadn't fed or exercised it after less time than that?

    Smells of deliberate neglect to me

  • TD

    The initial spin put on this by the Chandler Police Department was that Officer Lovejoy had just found out that his son had been in an automobile accident and was so upset that he forgot about the dog.

    During the course of the investigation, it has come out that two things he did during the dog's ordeal were, A: Take a nap and B: Take his wife out to dinner. So it would appear that his son's accident falls way short of explaining Officer Lovejoy's actions

  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll

    There is NO EXCUSE, how could he do this, POOR DOG. They should give him this dog, this one could break out of the car. Do you think so?


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