a dog pissed all over me

by bigdreaux 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • bigdreaux

    missanna and i volunteer at an animal rescue shelter. well, tonight, this little puppy i was holding looked me square in the eye and pissed all over my shirt. yeah, i'm probably gonna adopt him now.

  • educ8self

    I once heard this story where a squirrel pissed on this girl's leg. Of course, she was stoned too..

  • orbison11

    i once had a dog pee on me when at a door in the the door to door work

    i pretended nothing was happened

    ps what kind of pup was it?


  • exwitless

    Sounds like a test for if/when you two have a baby. It happens to every parent - an initiation of sorts.

    for volunteering at an animal shelter. I'd have a hard time not wanting to adopt every single one of them!

  • bigdreaux

    i don't know what type of dog it was. i love dogs, but, admit i suck at knowing what types they are. i know like, labs, and bulldog, boxer, ya know, all the common ones, but, this one was different looking.

    exwitless, a baby is the last thing on our minds. we just love animals.

  • exwitless

    No littledreaux? Aw. Just kidding. Procreation is a very personal decision and no one else's business. Dogs and cats are cool too. We have 5 cats (and one child).

  • bigdreaux

    if we adopt the puppy, we can call it littledrew. lol

    i'm not sure this world is ready for my spawn.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    BigD, how about one of these instead of that ill-mannered puppy?


  • bigdreaux

    horrible life, i am so not a cat person. no offense to you cat lovers. i wish them no harm, i just really don't like them.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Exotic birds and fish are the only acceptable pets.

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