Sydney BBQ Aftermath

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  • Stephanus

    Nice shot of you Ozzie. As official photographer for these events, I've been asked to let you all know that the people depicted as apostates in these photos may or may not be the real McCoy and any resemblence to the actual apostate may be coincidental. Sorry to disappoint all you guys who are carrying pics of Prisca in your wallets, but it may or may not be her; Bethel is nasty enough without providing them with true photos of people they are desparately trying to identify. I think you get my meaning and I hope everyone sees this in the fun-loving light in which we may or may not have perpetrated this fraud.


    Thank`s for shareing that with us,that was great!Hope you had a brewski for those of us that could not come!OUTLAW

  • Stephanus

    We sure did, Outlaw! I'm going to post some more pics from the event in another thread - should be up soon.

  • _alf_

    AH! A cat!

    Here kitty kitty....

  • Stephanus

    Watch out Fred!!

  • Prisca

    Yo Stephanus,

    I think the majority of the readers of these threads take them in the spirit in which they are meant to be taken. It doesn't matter if it's our real pics or not. The Bethel threat is real, however, despite what some nay-sayers think.

  • Stephanus

    I've found in recent years that even the most innocent seeming public comments or observations can be misinterpreted, and you can have widely inaccurate motives attributed to you as a result. My purpose has always in this situation been to make sure the small and weak are safe and hidden from the big and powerful. Why make Bethel's job easy for them for the sake of idle curiosity?

    Anyway, I've got a whole new set of problems heading my way with this Who's Who:
    I already do something like this for a politics newsgroup. No matter how sensitively and even-handedly I try to run it, there will be some who perceive that for some factionally motivated reason that I'm trying to make them look bad and will spit the dummy. I'm always ready to listen to reasonable requests...

  • ladonna

    Glad you guys had a great time!!!!

    But I am totally confused. I do not care if Bethel sees my own pic and I have evidence enough to sue them big time......DNA evidence......they are after the "Kents" of this world....not us small fry.

    So what is the big deal.....I am just totally confused here.....????

    *Ana scratching her head* ....Glad you all had fun despite the confusion. Keep it up!!!!!

    "He to whom emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed."

  • Prisca


    In your case ignorance is bliss. I can't say too much but there is good reason why we refer to the antics of Bethel.

    'Nuff said

  • Stephanus

    Yes, there are some things worth keeping secret for the time being. The WBTS understands this - look how much damage they were receiving when their NGO status was exposed. We've got no desire to expose ourselves to Bethel's tender mercies for some important reasons. (Well, I don't have anything to lose; that's my real pic in my bio!)

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