Jehovahs or Yawehs name ,JW's got it right?

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  • ColdRedRain
  • writetoknow

    The house of cards! If you remove one they all come tumbling down. There nothing amazing about people supporting a position right or wrong it about supporting the group. When you claim truth and your the only real place on earth God approves it a little hard to back away from a postion without shaking peoples faith.

    What does an honest person do with all this wrangling over the bilble? Who cares! More bibles, more scholars, better educated, more facts = more confusion.

    A thinking person would have to conclude that Babylon is alive and well and it take a supernatural act of God to bring people out of confusion or those studying the bible to prove every little detail is perfect have no faith. and live in fear of being proved wrong and looking foolish for Christ.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Do we pronounce "Jesus" the same way it was pronounced 2,000 years ago? Just asking.....

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    A name for something that never existed is still nothing, the proper name then for Jehovah should be nothing, JWS have it very wrong !

  • tfjw

    The following is from the book Expose of Jehovah's Witnesses found here: [url][/url] which is a great resource imho

    Is the name "Jehovah" actually the name of God?

    * 8A. Does the Society believe that "Jehovah" is the name of God?

    Yes. They have used it for more than 50 years and state categorically that it is "a translation of God's name, in Hebrew YHWH."

    Make Sure of All Things, 1953, p.188 * 8B. God's name?

    No. They hold that "there is no such name as Jehovah." The name of God as it appears in Scripture is without appropriate vowels so, "no Hebrew can pronounce it today."

    Letter, Michael Esses * 8C. Where did the mistranslation "Jehovah" come from?

    "'Jehovah' is generally held to have been the invention of Pope Leo X's confessor, Peter Galatin."

    The Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 88

    "'Jehovah' is a mispronunciation... almost entirely disregarded by the Jews ... of the Hebrew 'YHWH' the... name of God... this pronunciation is grammatically impossible; it arose through pronouncing the vowels...of 'Adonay' (the Lord) ...with the consonants of ' YHWH. "

    The Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 87 * 8D. Is there any basis for the Society using "Jehovah" as the name for God?

    No. "The pronunciation Jehovah has no authority at all and appeared only in late medieval times; it is an attempt to vocalize the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) usinq the vowels written under it by the scribes, which vowels however were never intended to be combined with the four consonants of this word."

    Grant and Rowley, Dictionary of the Bible, p. 334 * 8E. If "Jehovah" is incorrect and not the name of God, what is the correct name?

    It is Yahweh. "That the pronunciation in ancient times was Yahweh is concluded from transcriptions in the early Christian fathers."

    Grant and Rowley, Dictionary of the Bible, p. 334

  • tfjw

    Sorry about the formatting of my post didn't turn out like it should at all.

  • writetoknow

    And I thought all this time that God's name Jehovah was pronounce into english " Governing Body Watchtower and Bible Track Society" - has something changed?

  • theMartian

    The reason is VERY simple- unless you have not proven to yourself the Bible is divine.

    The Name is THERE. It was even in the Bibles brought over on the Mayflower. It is in countless art pieces and architecture thruout Europe. It's in the footnotes of any Bible that HAS footnotes. It's in the preface of the Revised Standard Version- which leaves it out everywhere else. I'ts in the American Standard Version, and others.

    Judiasm, the Catholic Church, and the Church of England tried to erase it...but for SOME reason, it re-surfaced- and not just by us JWs!

    So it's a matter of if your faith is REAL or not, as to if you, as Christ said in the "Lord's Prayer", show it HONOR.


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Not to be rude...but saying the witnesses got one or two concepts right, is like saying of a pedophile male who molest lil girls "at least it wasn't a lil boy."

  • writetoknow

    There is no doubt the word Jehovah is found throughout the history of man. As the name of Jesus is as well. But those are name put into english and that information is there for anyone to read if they want that information.

    Honoring ones name is not just saying it or repeating it often it about living what the name stands for and some of the qualities God's name stands for is intregrity and honesty.

    The exact pronouncation is not know even Jehovah's Witnesses stated that in all their publications. As far as them as a group living up to the name of God that has become evident without a person saying anymore regarding that subject. Their fruits show a lack of intregrity and honesty is know world wide. Their harsh treatment of other is anything but what God's names stands for.

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