so what are your all time favourite soppy love songs?

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  • ninja


  • DJK

    Richard Marx-Hold on to the nights.

  • lonelysheep

    BFD--I love that one. It's on my iPod, and a fave to sing.

    "Rose of My Heart" Johnny Cash

    "Almost Paradise" Mike Reno & Anne Wilson

  • KW13

    Or the song Kym lol.
  • littlerockguy
    Try not to cry Agnetha - MY LOVE MY LIFE

    ABBA was incredible!! Can't believe they turned down 1 billion to reunite, but most of it would go in taxes in those scandinavian countries, lol. Here is another one

  • dobbie

    KW13 'Well i passed the due date dobbie and i didn't hit her lol' hee hee wait til labour, it might be the other way round!!!

    Will have a listen to the songs in the morning, its quarter to five in the morning here and i think if i start playing music now hubby might get a little bit cross lol!

    thought of some more The First Cut is The Deepest Rod Stewart

    Heaven Bryan Adams

    Three Times a Lady The Commodores

    The Glory of Love Peter Cetera totally wet i know but i used to love it

  • fedorE

    I give this version 7.2...Leona..singing Chiquitita

  • fedorE
  • watson

    The alltime soppiest?

    "Silly Love Songs." McCartney

  • dobbie

    wow youtube working for me today!

    Dedpoet, the lyrics in your song are beautiful, no wonder you both love it so much

    Nvrgnbk - The Open Your Eyes song is great, never heard of them before but the singer has a really beautiful voice (that particular videos good too)

    DJK - I used to like Richard Marx too, Right Here Waiting and Hazard were my favorites

    Lonelysheep - That JohnnyCashandJune song had some really sweet lyrics in it - 'Your smile is the sun come to earth for the day' how lovely is that!

    FedorE- I can't actually bear Abba myself (sorry!) but that Leona version is v good, what a lovely voice.

    Watson - I like The Other Me out of Paul McCartneys best i love that song!

    And i am going to mention yet another one (which brings my contribution to about 20 now i expect lol) and say Chris de Burgh Lady in Red aww

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