Roommate seems to have a hard time going to the meetings

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  • Hermano

    When she's ready, introduce her to this site. I can't wait to meet her and hear her story.

  • oppgirl63

    Thank for the suggestions. She knows I come here. I only live about an hour from Destin Fl. I think we're going to the beach for the weekend sometime at the end of this month (the hotel and condo prices really drop after Labor Day, and Sept. and Oct. are the best times to go). I'm just glad that she's the only one in her family that is a JW'...her family is very opposed but don't push her about it. They'll be there for her if anything happens. I asked her if she wanted me to stop telling her things I find out here and she says no....she want's the truth. I think she believes the basic JW teachings about death and so forth...but there's a lot she doesn't agree with. She's only been baptised for about a year and a half. I'm just afraid they are going to want her to move from here since she's not related and I'm openly gay. She was the victim of sexual abuse as a child (not JW) and this all hits real close to home for her.

  • oppgirl63

    One other thing I thought about....she doesn't really have a JW life. I think they don't like that...her life is with me and her family and she's not about to give that up. All she does is go to the meetings when she feels like it. I believe if they give her an ultimatum I know what she'll choose.

  • vitty

    One question.................why did you wake her up ????????????

  • steve2

    If you're openly gay, she seems okay about it. That says a lot and shows how far away from the Watchtower-radar she is.

    Still, JWs are experts at inducing guilt, fear and loathing in doubters. I'm guessing that pretty soon whether or not to sleep in Sunday mornings will be the least of her problems . She'll need your support big time. All the best.

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