About Terrence Howard - again

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  • changeling

    A few days ago someone posted something about Terrence Howard being a witness. I didn't pay too much attention to it. Today, while at the movies I saw the preview of the movie he has coming out with Jodie Foster.

    So I come home and look him up on the internet. I founfd his bio on Wikipedia. It states he's separated form his wife but is persuing her. She is bringing their children up as JW's and he is interested in the religion. He was raised Muslim.

    Here's the funny part. It says that when he dates women he checks out their bathrooms to see if they have baby wipes. If they don't, he asks them to start using them, so they can be trully "clean". Kind of a dating test.

    I know Muslims "wash" after using the bathroom, but this guy has a seroius hang up!


  • mrsjones5

    Reminds me of something my grandma would say: "Sumthin not right with dat boy."

  • wednesday

    maybe he's like Howard Stern and likes women who hardly go tho the bathroom at all.

    some things about personal hygiene are best let -personal. ugh

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