This non witness wants 2 questions answered-if possible.

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  • samiam2b

    Dang, I had a nicely written reply that got zapped by the server outage. Here it goes again:

    My point had nothing to do with Africa itself, only to the OPs choice of words. Discussion heritage based on country/continent of origin seems a bit vague. For those that believe in creation we are all descendents of the same bloodline, right? Why aren't we all labeled with their country of origin?

    When asked what I "am", the typical response is Irish/German. Recent research though has tracked my family back to about the year 200AD. That is with ancestors in Ireland, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, and the last 350 years in the US. So what is my heritage? I want to go deeper than 200AD just to see... perhaps I am Jewish. Maybe trackable to biblical characters? Now that would be interesting.

    So, hopefully you can see that my post was NOT intended to be inflammatory although it appears some may have interpreted it as such, sorry.


  • samiam2b

    IP_Sec You must have missed the rest of the post. If not than I'm not sure what your point is or how it adds to the discussion. Thanks though.

  • Anony-Mouse

    The tower of Babel split people up. Then they err......well, it's natural selection, I guess. JWs apparently believe that when it suits them (Zebras are descended from normal horses, get that....) . It's absurd, but it's what I was always taught (they never said natural selection, but that's what it basically is) .

    Also, I think Moses got the name or something.... From a burning bush.... Yeah....

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