Rational Buddhism?

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  • cappytan

    Does a type of Buddhism exist that doesn't include the metaphysical aspects of traditional Buddhism?

  • freemindfade

    Not sure. But I always liked metaphysical stuff. Less as an answer and more just as cool ideas. And I think there can be physical links attributed to much of it. powerful things your mind can do that are natural but unexplainable in the past so metaphysical explanations were given.

  • cappytan
    Well, when I refer to metaphysical I'm meaning the whole karmic reincarnation teaching.
  • freemindfade
    hmmmm. Well not sure. It has always been attractive to me as a non Abrahamic ass hole religion. I knew a lot of atheists who considered themselves secular Buddhists. So I know they didn't really buy that part. Just worship lucifer like me lol. There are some gnostic folks who believe missing chunk of Jesus life where he grew up he was in the easy learning Buddhism. All conjecture but interesting. I would never tie myself to any religious ideology fully again. I'd take the good philosophical bits away without buying the total package. Like even jesus or the people who made him up had good ones like do to others... although so did Buddhism long before him
  • Laika
    Do you just want to start meditating? Go for it, it's good for you and I promise the demons won't take the opportunity to invade your head! :P
  • John_Mann

    There's no reincarnation in buddhism.

    Theravada school is the less mystical one.

    Tibetan buddhism is a kind of syncretism with the Bo religion. They have a different Buddha called Padmasambhava.

    I really like all schools of thought from buddhism.

  • user100
    there is a pbs documentary on Buddha I really liked.. I am much more intrigued by the emaciated buddha than the fat buddha we always see.. http://www.pbs.org/thebuddha/ I think you can watch the whole show on youtube also
  • Xanthippe
    I went to Western Buddhist meditation classes at a library years ago. The guided meditation was brilliant, very relaxing. There was also a teaching section which I didn't like because to me Western Buddhism sounded just like Christianity, giving your belongings away and self-sacrifice. There was no mysticism however.
  • maksutov

    Sam Harris has some interesting comments on extracting the secular goodies from Buddhism while rejecting the religious elements:


  • cappytan

    This is why this forum is awesome. There's always someone else that has had the same thoughts or considered the same path.

    Thanks everyone!

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