What flavor are you? Test Du Jour

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  • Esmeralda

    Okay...a little fun on a Friday night...

    : http://www.emode.com/emode/tests/flavor.jsp

    This is what I got:

    Mmm ... mocha! Strong and rich — but not too sweet — you're the flavor of late nights and early mornings. A coffeehouse regular, you've cornered the market on deep thoughts and probably have a little more than your fair share of brains. In fact, those who know you may even consider you an intellectual, a label that suits you just fine. Deep and thoughtful, you love the academic life — or at least the structured pursuit of knowledge. And, since hitting the books often means all-nighters, what better flavor than mocha to keep you company? Chocolaty and intense, you're a truly tasty treat.

    LOL. No surprise there, between how much I eat and put into my coffee, there really were no other possible results *LOL*

    Have fun.

  • Andee

    Mocha here too.


  • closer2fine

    Mmm ... pink grapefruit! Sweet and tart at the same time, you're bursting with sun-kissed goodness. If you were a song, you'd be "It's a Sunshine Day" by the Brady Bunch — you're just that perky and refreshing. That's not to say that you don't have an edge — quite the contrary. In fact, a little bit of sugar (aka gifts, praise, and other goodies) can always bring out your naturally sweet flavor. But when it comes down to it, you prefer folks who can match you in strength and independence. Luckily, that kind of attitude is appealing, so you always have 'em wanting more. Citrusy, tangy, and a little exotic, you're a truly tasty treat.


    Mean People Produce
    Little Mean People

  • Xena

    Darn and I so wanted chocolate...but just call me peppermint patty

    >Yum! You're peppermint. Fresh, classic, and crisp, you're as tasty as they come. Find out more about your personal flavor — sign up with Emode! <

    lol thanks that was fun!

  • think41self


    I knew you and I had a lot in common, I'm a pink grapefruit too

    It must have been that damn Tom Cruise question...honestly, I've never thought about it...does that make me weird?


    "Not believing is not the same as not knowing."

  • peacepipe

    I'm a BLUEBERRY. . . how pathetic!!!! hee, hee, . . fun!


    Lift me up, I've had enough. . .Tom Petty
  • outnfree

    Well, here's another mocha!

    And I found out the other day on another quiz that for religions I most match Baha'i!!! Where IS old carmel when I need him?


    Par dessus toutes choses, soyez bons. La bonte est ce qui ressemble le plus a Dieu et ce qui desarme le plus les hommes -- Lacordaire

  • Esmeralda

    Woooooooo hooooo to all my fellow Mochas *LOL* Guess we're livin' la vida mocha? *LOL* Okay, Okay, I know. I'm sorry!

    sleep deprived and off to bed!

  • WildHorses

    Yum! You're licorice. Powerful, strong, and edgy, you're as tasty as they come.

    I had to come back and post the rest of what it said. I like it.
    Mmm ... licorice! Strong and edgy, you're the flavor of black jellybeans and Good 'n' Plentys. Some people absolutely love you (in fact, they might even find you addictive), but you're definitely not for everyone. But that's okay with you — you'd rather pick and choose your companions. When you have time for friends at all, that is. Powerful and very potent, you're goal-oriented and ambitious — you don't let much stand in your way. There's nothing sweet or sugary about you; you're a serious taste that's best suited for the truly focused. Lingering, enigmatic, and a little hard to pin down, you're a truly tantalizing treat.


    "I don't want someone in my life I can live with, I want someone in my life I can't live without."

  • RedhorseWoman

    Another Mocha here.

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