Elders reading coasters postings for judical reasons

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  • coaster

    Elders, please know my many dificulties for the past 16 years and the emotional toll it has taken on me. I found this site at my doctors doctors direction as a place to learn and vent frustrations built up in me for years, and I am sorry some of the language was bad as the word chioce. A two week inense manic high here with way more freedeom to spead just go me going. After that though my manic dove deep and that is found here too, and it is scary even to me..Very little of either type of text written is even remembered by me. Scary time.

    very few calls have been made on me while expressing doubts for two years. and no offer to study with me has been offered, even my phone is silent. If this plan is to drive me away, it may be working well. a study to relay the ground work for the wonderful new light or CO and the Society might help me put it all back together. But right now I am so dissalusioned and depressed because truths I had my whole life have been replaced with ones I can not understandd, and it is driving me mad. There is good information here, but you do have to be on guard against apostate teaching,and never promote falsehoods..

    By the way,Coaster is an annomyous username. Many with access to it can add content, but this is all done in private with no names used unless the poster wants to. What elder wants to be asked if he and wife enjoys oral sex in the privacy of thier own bed? Or what R rated movies they watch at home? If they have ever had a bit too much to drink at home. Or when younger, did they masturbate in private or in public? I am betting privacy is the key part of all these points because a screen name Coaster is not me, but a figurehead, a private one.



  • R6Laser


  • passive suicide
    passive suicide

    Go to www.zeitgeistmovie.com and take a chill pill..........life is not what you think it is buddy.. then....have a beer, and rub one out fer old times sake, don't worry....I don't think Jah will take ya down for doing something he created you to........ Cheers, passive.

  • lisavegas420
    I found this site at my doctors doctors direction as a place to learn and vent frustrations built up in me for years

    By any chance is your doctor an ex-JW?

    My doctor told me I shouldn't come here as it just keep dredging up the past. I'm still here...I don't see that doctor anymore.


  • zeroday
    There is good information here, but you do have to be on guard against apostate teaching,and never promote falsehoods..

    Here? NO!

  • Sparkplug

    Coaster, if your not gone for good, I noticed the "later"...

    It looks as if your pretty torn up today. Perhaps just stepping away from the JWs for a bit would be good. So I am what might be labeled an 'apostate'? So what? I think if something messes with your head so bad it has you thinking in a PTSD jumbled pattern such as your typing and believe me, I have been there...you need a rest. Time to center yourself and just rest. Do not dwell on negative and perhaps get some antidepression meds. Has your psych addressed this aspect while you work through therapy? It is not always easy to pull out of this alone. First you have to be able to pull your mind into a place where it can even "handle" what it is being put through. I am not talking about knocking yourself stupid, But at the moment, you do not seem to be connecting your thoughts and that puts you in a really dangerous and hard place to be. Rash decisions are made at this point and depression can set in. You know?

    I am just worried about you and don't want to see you hurting or hurt.

    A lot of us have been right where you are with the emotions and each handles it different. So perhaps maybe even continuing to vent is good. But please don't internalize it. I read back on some of your post and it seems like that is what you have been doing as you put it, for the last 16 years. This causes one to loose it a little. Ok, a lot. We love crazy here, but preferably in a non toxic nor harmful manner. I hope we hear from you some more and that you continue to get some help. It sounds like you are trying so hard to figure this all out and this whole mess we have been fed and taught and lived as a JW IS really WACKED. It does take a lot to straighten it out, but it can be done and it feels so good when you get on the other side of it. You can do it!! We will be here for you. You may not like what we all have to say, but we are here.

    You know?

  • eclipse


    I hope that the elders looking for the persons behind the screen name, coaster, read this.

    Perhaps they will look into themselves and Not turn away their own doubts for a change, for I know they are there!.

    I hope they do not let the cold finger of fear that is running up their spine and swirling it's icy tip in their belly prevent them from searching the REAL truth.

    Keep testing whether you are in the faith. Keep testing whether the things you are taught are true. Be true to yourself always.

    Man will dominate man to his injury.

    Who is running the organization? A 2/3 vote by a handful of men. If they had god's spirit, there would be no need to take a vote.


  • R6Laser

    The day my doctor sends me to this website is the day I find me a new doctor.

  • passive suicide
    passive suicide

    Whoa............I must step back, and take a bow to sparkplug................a very well worded, and emotionally accurate way to put all our ramblings. we're here for ya man. Passive.

  • NvrKssdNObutt

    eclipse's comment broutht this to my mind

    The holy spirit guides the wt as to who shall be appointed to the servant body

    I was appointed twice

    one of those times i was engaging in an endeavor that was not acceptable to the society but i went ahead and accepted the appointment

    now, did the holy spirit make a mistake or was it so vital that the servant body had my expert help that my sins were overlooked?

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