"Happy" Bethelite song update

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  • thedepressedsoul

    I spoke to a very reliable source at Bethel and got an update on the “Happy” song that they did. Apparently it was for Family night, which is kind of like a talent show they do once a year at Bethel. People make videos, songs etc…

    Anyway, apparently anything that happens on this night isn’t supposed to be sent out or “leaked” to others in congregations. Apparently that happened. The brother who made this video sent out a letter asking all to remove it and take it down as it was risking his position at Bethel. He is currently still at Bethel and has not been sent home, yet.

    The reason they are so worried about the video is because Pharrell Williams agent department contacted them and said that since it was a promotional video and part of a corporation they would like a percentage of each YouTube view that it gets as a royalty for using his song.

    They were also worried about OSHA seeing the video since parts of the recording were in work zones. I guess some of the stuff in the video wasn’t to OSHA standards so they could bring the hammer down on them if they see it.

    Thought I’d share an update on this since it seems to have pretty much gone away. That explains why the brother sent a letter around asking all to take it down and remove it.




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    Classic. Get it posted everywhere . . .
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    Awesome lol.
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    Wotta bunch of wankers at Bethel. Idiots, the lot of them.

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    Do you have a link for the video?
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    DepressedSoul, the reasoning that WTBTS has on OSHA requirements is that they do not have to comply with the regulations because the work is being done with volunteer labor and they are a non-profit organization. I asked about how they could get away with the unsafe conditions they exposed us too while working at Patterson years ago, and that is what I was told.

    However, they had several meetings "encouraging" the workers to think of their own safety. Duh, you don't want to comply, but you are having accidents? Really. What did you expect? The bottom line for "working safe" was that WTBTS was having to pay medical bills for the immediate emergency care, right before they told the volunteer workers that they needed to go home and take care of themselves.

    Evidently, WTBTS loves the benefits of free volunteer labor, but they don't like the responsibility. Volunteers Work at their own risk, and oh,... if you are hurt, we will pay for the stitches, and then send you home. If you lost a finger, eye, or other permanent disability, don't expect any money, because, we don't pay into workers compensation insurance, because we are a non-profit organization that has only volunteer labor. Humm, .....

  • tenyearsafter

    In case anyone is interested, I found the link:


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    Jake, you just described what i saw at bethel to a "T"

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