Bible Error: Creation Contradiction

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  • JosephAlward

    Cut and pasted from the previous post:

    "I suspect that Pom doesn't have the slightest idea who did the selection of the canonical texts, nor does can he explain how he knows those men were guided by God in their selections. If Pom *does* know, I'm sure there are others on this list who would love to know what Pom thinks he knows."

    Pom's had four days to take the bait, but so far there's been not a nibble. I guess I was right; Pom doesn't have any idea how the men who selected the canonical texts decided which ones were the word of God, and which ones weren't, so I wonder how he knows that every word in the Bible comes from God if he doesn't even know who the men were who selected those words.

    On a separate matter raised in this thread:

    I've earlier observed that in the creation stories in Genesis One and Two the deity is called it "God" 35 times in a row without even once being called "LORD God," then suddenly, at the beginning of what some apologists think is a "summary," the name is changed to "LORD God," and is used nine times in a row without a single reference to the earlier name.

    Pom attempted an explanation which could politely be described as cryptic:

    Genesis 1 - 2:4a, through the eyes of Bad
    Genesis 2:4b - 2:25, through the eyes of Good

    Pom, what are you talking about here? What is bad and good? After you've explained this, will you please tell us if any denomination in the world shares your view?

    Joseph F. Alward
    "Skeptical Views of Christianity and the Bible"

  • pomegranate

    Open a seperate thread.

    As usual, you leave the topic which was creation. Which is why I didn't anser your smelly bait.

    Red herring lover.

    PS. I'm fully aware of your "where the Bible canon came from."

    In short. God used men to choose the books and even the chapter and verse numbers.

    After all, he is all powerful, right? Right

  • JosephAlward

    You see, Pom hasn't the slightest idea how his Bible was created. Anything he doesn't understand he attributes to an act of God.

    Pom "knows" God appointed some men to supervise the selection of the texts which would be part of the Bible, but he doesn't know who these men were, or what rules they used to make their decisions.

    Pom just assumes that God *must* have chosen these men and given them the inspiration they needed to make the correct decisions. In other words, Pom just *wants* to believe that good men followed good rules in selecting text for the Bible, but he has no evidence that this is what happened. How is he so certain that not one of the decisions reached by these men was wrong? Who told him that these men were inspired? God? The writers of the Bible? Who?

    Thus, if one doesn't really know where the Bible came from, or who put it together, or the rules used to make it, how can one trust that every word in the Bible is the word of God? Does Pom just take the word of the Bible writers that they were telling the truth? (A hugely amusing parody of just such cicular-reasoning belief is found the the humorous story, "Kissing Hank's Ass," found in a thread of that title in this forum.)

    Joseph F. Alward
    "Skeptical Views of Christianity and the Bible"

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