Israel fears extinction

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  • DJS


    Is this yet another one of your bait and switch OPs? Is Perry going to jump in soon and you two begin a discussion about what this OP is really about, which is your amazingness and awesomeness in biblical prophetic understanding and how this is yet more proof that we are living in the end times and you and Perry and a few of your friends will be saved while the other 7 billion are destroyed?

    You are a master at the Bait and Switch. I suppose that means you are a Master Baiter.

  • Clambake

    Any talk of doomsday, Israel, Armageddon etc. must just piss the WTS off.

    “ But all about us remember us, the end times. We are Israel. Everyone will turn us “.

    I just hope when the average JW watches the news they realize they are just annoying weirdos that knock on your door Saturday morning. The world will end in the Middle East and Israel is actually the Jewish nation just seems like so much like a more plausible explanation if you into that kind of thing.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Abiather, you were doing ok until the last sentence: "Interestingly, war with Iran is a trigger to greater nuclear use in Nostradamus prophecy."
  • kaik
    Iran and Israel will not wage a war. Iran had not started war nor attacked any country over 100 years. There is sizable Jewish community in Iran, and Iranian government has difficulty to maintain population. Anti-government protests are common there. Any war would undermine the stability and Iranian government would collapse. They do know it. There are also countries between Iran and Israel to make any war difficult. Bombing campaign would end badly for Iran... Any idea that both states can engage in war today needs a reality check.
  • Finkelstein

    Since Iran knows that Israel has nuclear armaments already , does anyone realistically think that Iran would start a war using nuclear power against Israel ?

    Its just unrealistic fear mongering, so that Nethanyahu looks good and strong for his up and coming election.

  • WTWizard

    All nations should have the right to adequately defend themselves. Failure to exercise this is what leads to global enslavement by groups that are not to be criticized in any way, shape, or form for doing this. And, this principle means that any nation that is bent on enslaving the world shall be damned to extinction. If they are being financed by some scumbag that is trying to enslave the world, that scumbag (even if its name happens to be Rothschild) shall be executed.

    Also, if defending oneself or one's nation is "anti-Semite", that term should not stop such actions. Whatever is a threat to the existence of the nation should be dispatched of, regardless of some wimpy lame excuse. Using such wimpy lame excuses such as "We mustn't be anti-Semite" allows some scum to use that as a blind to exterminate and enslave the whole world. Do you want your nation to become full communist because the leaders were afraid to offend someone who was using political correctness as a blind to impose it? I don't think most of us want that.

    Ditto the earth itself. What if earth would have fully exercised its right to defend itself when this rubbish first started? Those carrying out the inquisition would have found themselves executed, whether by being arrested and sentenced to die or by the mob. It would never have been allowed to start--if people would have been half as willing to stand up for Satan at the beginning as they are to stand up for joke-hova and its "chosen ones", we never would have this problem. Nor would we have had these religions that ruin lives, or communism, or taxes that eat half your pay for no gain, or widespread crime and pointless violence, or a medical system that bans natural cures, or a dollar that is imminently in danger of becoming toilet paper and leaving most people destitute.

  • fulltimestudent

    I'd like to raise a question.

    What right did the Jewish people have to migrate to the territory now called Israel and expel the modern inhab itants?

    If you read the modern history, these migrants won by using terrorist tactics against the occupying British.

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