Am I crazy or what!

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  • Ranchette

    Most of you are are aware that I sent out a letter to friends and family exposing the organizations association with the UN.
    Since that time there have been several very important developments including WTBS dissacociating themselves from the UN.

    Because of this I felt I had to get this new information out to everyone I had writen the origional letter to.
    I sent this update to out of town friends and family.I encluded a copy of the UN letter announcing WT's dissacociation and the two Guardian articles.

    My plan met with a problem.I knew my local PO had warned everyone not to read anything else from me.I knew he would do this so I even sent him a letter along with the rest to show that I stand behind what I wrote and I'm not afraid of him.

    Today I did the only thing I could think of,I wrote a new letter to the PO.
    Here it is,

    Dear PO 10-16-01
    Circumstances have changed since my last letter to you and others.
    I am honor bound to update you and them of these changes. I’m sure that you’ve told everyone not to open anything from me so that’s why I am writing to you only.

    The information I sent earlier was accurate and true at the time but as I stated earlier things have changed.
    Enclosed please find an official copy of the October 11th 2001 letter announcing the termination of the WTBS association with the UNITED NATIONS
    Also enclosed are two National News articles on this issue, dated Oct 8th and 15th
    I’m sure you have called the society on this issue, if not please do. Calling the UN will be helpful too.

    The purpose of this letter is to set things straight and since no one will listen to me the responsibility falls on your shoulders .I have to trust that you are a man of honor and will be completely honest with the congregation. According to your beliefs Jah is watching you.
    Please know I have done my part to set the record straight.


    I know he won't do it.He just thinks I'm a crazy apostate but I could not let things stand.I started this and I felt I had to finish it.
    Do you understand what I mean?

  • Pathofthorns

    Yes.. One day they will realize that 'crazy apostate' was not so crazy after all and she was just trying to help them.

    Their loss.


  • Seeker

    I understand what you meant. I've never known a group more obsessed with truth and accuracy than "apostates."

    The WTS can lie about their history, create false impressions with selective quotes, go to bed with the United Nations without telling anyone about it, and the JW reaction is either "that's an apostate lie" or "well, they're just imperfect humans."

    "Apostates" can quote a WT article word-for-word, and the JW reaction is "apostasy!" A total double-standard: The WTS can do no wrong, and we can do no right, even when we point out the wrongdoing of the WTS.

  • Tina

    Hi ranchette,
    Nope,not crazy at all hun.
    You needed closure for yourself on this issue. And you did what you needed to do for yourself and your conscience. I commend and admire what you've done.Because it wasn't only for yourself,but for others. You can sleep easy at night,knowing you used every available avenue to make this issue known.
    Well done! luv,Tina

    si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes

  • joelbear

    You are not crazy just overly optimistic as far as how quickly you would get a reaction.

    Some might think about what you wrote for months and then something will click and they will have their thoughts freed a bit.

    You can't turn the world on a dime.



  • LittleToe

    Oh, you're crazy alright, just in the nicest possible way.

    I wonder what part of the word honor he understands?
    Perhaps the nor part of honor, since it's found in ignore.

    Good post Ranchette.


  • Ranchette


    Please understand that I never believed my origional letter would cause a mass exudus of my friends and family.
    I went in to this realisticly.I viewed it like planting seeds.
    The people who read my letter will never forget it.
    Hopefully it will have a domino effect later when and if they ever reach their last straw.

    I knew they would not like what I had to say.
    What I am surprised about is that I knew this from the start but it doesn't take away the feeling of getting the wind knocked out of me when I get such hateful words frome those I love.
    I thought I was tougher than that.
    I care more than I realized.
    I wrote this letter to the PO for me never believing it will change anything.


  • joelbear


    All you can do is value truth.

    However, truth is always sifted through individual perspective and what may come out at the bottom may no longer resemble truth.


  • Stealth


    Crazy like a fox!

    That was a good idea, put the burden on him, think he might have a bit of trouble sleeping at night knowing the real truth?

  • hillary_step


    Tina speaks wisely, I agree with her comment.

    Even if a person is fully aware that their attempts at enlightening others regarding the vagaries of the WTS is futile, the personal commitment required does play a very positive role in breaking ones emotional ties with it.

    Leaving the WTS physically is difficult, expunging its hold on our emotions is even more difficult, an uphill struggle which some never really win, even after years away from the WTS. Many come to this Board for the first time, sometimes decades after leaving the WTS, with much anger and pain still in their hearts.

    So keep doing what you are doing for your own sake, not to win points of argument but as a poultice for your soul.

    Best to you and your endeavors - HS

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