in the april 15th watchtowerstudy ed why is the article about how loving dissfellowshipping is curiously missing from simplified addition ?

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  • SAHS
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  • SAHS
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  • redvip2000

    Similarly, David recognized
    that a righteous person might need to give
    him painful correction for his own good.
    In many cases, disfellowshipping provides the
    discipline the erring one needs.

    This is why they left it out. Any reasonable person who reads this, will immediately think that the JW society is a delusional cult. Imagine that, signing up for a religion with the understanding that they will give you "Painful correction" if you get out of line. What fun!!

  • Finkelstein

    Wasn't that the reason for having two different Watchtowers, one to have all the basic alluring articles and one that has all the entailing internal policies such as ' The Loving Disfellowshiping policy " , the one that has caused so many suicides and broken families ???

  • NewYork44M
    Isn't the simplified version for those with limited reading skills? Perhaps they thought that disfellowshipping is too big a word with too many syllables.
  • Quarterback
    Look further into the May 15th Simplified version, you will find it there. They must have run out of space in the April copy
  • Mikamouth
    Lol! They've been slapping folks for years!
  • jhine

    I think that SAHS and Finkelstein are right . As a non JW if I read that it would set off alarm bells . Also can you imagine the conversation in a home study if the studyee asked the JW have you ever shunned someone ? and the reply was " yes , I no longer talk to my son/ mother / sister / husband ! End of study


  • hoser
    A few months back or perhaps longer( time flies) there was an article about reaching out to be elders in the study edition that was omitted from the simplified version. I guess they don't want simpletons to reach out.

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