Has there been a thread on the District Convention yet?

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  • Jez

    Please direct me to it. Tired of going through every page looking.

    Thanks Jez

  • Mary

    Well Jez, here's my link on some tips for those actually going to the ASSembly this year: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/136067/1.ashx

  • gumby

    I'd like to see the program if it has been posted. Anyone know?


  • Atlantis

    I found this link Gumby but not sure if it is accurate.

    2007 "Follow the Christ" Convention Program * Day One* Friday
    Friday *.Theme "Look Intently at the Chief Agent and Perfecter of Our Faith,Jesus."-Hebrews 12:2.
    'Morning' session: *Talk 1*-Why Follow "the Christ"?. *Talk 2*-Conventions Help Us Imitate Christ More Fully. *Talk 3*-Jesus---"A Master Worker"in Creation. *Talk 4*-Symposium:Appreciating Jesus as the Greater....Moses....David....Solomon. *Talk 5*-Keynote Address: Jesus' Unique Role in Jehovah's Purpose.**** Afternoon Session: *Talk 1*- "We Have Found the Messiah"!. *Talk 2*- Finding Treasures "Carefully Concealed in Him". *Talk 3*-God's Word "Is Alive and Exerts Power'. *Talk 4*-Symposium: Keep Christ's Mental Attitude in You.*He Was "Mild-Tempered and Lowly in Heart"*He "Recieved Them Kindly"*He "Became Obedient as Far as Death"*He Was Courageous in Defending Righteous Principles*He "Loved Them to the End". *Talk 5*-They 'Keep Following the Lamb No Matter Where He Goes". *That ends Day One of the Convention. **************************************************************************************************************
    2007 "Follow the CHRIST "Convention Program*Day 2*,Saturday
    Saturday :Theme "My Sheep Listen to My Voice ...and They Follow Me"-John :27.
    *Morning Session:
    *Talk 1*-Considering the Daily Text Enhances Sheeplike Qualities.
    *Talk 2*-Symposium:Follow Jesus' Pattern in the Ministry...By Boldly Proclaiming the Kingdom Good
    News...By Being Skillful Teachers...By Training New Disciples.
    *Talk 3*-He 'Loved Righteousness and Hated Lawlessness'--Do You?.
    *Talk 4*-"Oppose the Devil" as Jesus Did.
    *Talk 5*-Baptism:Welcome to the Best Way of Life!
    Afternoon Session:
    *Talk 1*-Symposium:Do Not Follow...."After the Crowd,"Your Hearts and Your Eyes","Unrealities","False Teachers",False Stories","Satan".
    *Talk 2*-The Superiority of Being "Taught by Jehovah".
    *Talk 3*-Help Them Return to the Flock.
    *Talk 4*-Husbands,Wives,Parents,Children---Follow the Model!
    *Talk 5*-"Come Be My Follower"(new publication'Be My Follower').
    That ends the 2nd Day
    ************************************************************************************************************* 2007 "Follow the Christ" Convention Program *Day 3* Sunday *Sunday** Day 3*Theme*"Continue Following Me"-John 21:19 Morning Session: *Talk 1*-Examining the Scriptures Daily Builds Endurance. *Talk 2*-Symposium:Precious Gems From the Sermon on the Mount...What Was the Background and Setting?... ''Happy are Those Conscious of Their Spiritual Need"..."First Make Your Peace With Your Brother". *Talk 3*"If Your Right Eye Makes You Stumble,Tear It Out"..."Keep On Asking and It Will Be Given You"...."Practice Giving and It Will Be Given You". *Talk 4*-Public Talk:"Who Are the REAL Followers of Christ?". Afternoon Session. *Talk 1*-DRAMA:Clothe Yourselves With Lowliness of Mind (full costume presentation). *Talk 2*-Summary of the Watchtower. *Talk 3*- Keep Following Christ ,Our Invincible Leader!. *That ends the Convention. ************************************************************************************************************** Nevada-
  • Atlantis

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