What are the legal and financial ramifications to apologize for abuse issues. Anyone know.

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  • joe134cd
    I'm hearing all these comments about how Wt dosnt care, is arrogant, unapologetic and is covering it up. Hey and I agree with these comments to a point but as I'm no lawyer and don't know American law what would be the implications if Wt did came out and admitted it's errors. I'm talking front cover Wt here. Would this just leave them even wider open to claims, than they are already liable for. To be honest i think the main reason they don't apologize is to do so would just be financially unsustainable.
  • sir82

    The Catholics apologized, they are still around.

  • StarTrekAngel
    I second that motion. However, its all financial. I believe they have already weighed both options and so far, hiding and denying is paying off but not for long. Once the tables turn, then we may get an apology. But keep in mind such apology will have no foundation. It will be fake, driven by the fact that the balance sheet calls for it, not the bible.
  • StarTrekAngel
    In other industries this is comparable to the cost of a major recall. Think for example, large automakers or aircraft manufacturers. You weight the cost of the options. What is more expensive, to recall and replace a certain part of an airplane, or the payout to lawsuits after an accident. Each case is analyzed carefully based on the probability of each one happening. The cheapest one wins.
  • Finkelstein

    I'm talking front cover Wt here.

    Boy there's a dream that will never come about .

    Its obvious that the WTS has tried to handle this situation internally, similarly to how the Catholics had done so with unfortunately dire consequences. .

    Proving no less how the WTS was handling their own situation to detrimental causative fault, is the recent Candace Conti case.

    It should be clearly accepted that religious organizations don't usually like to admit in error of certain behavioral directives within their organization, that includes the WTS/JWS .

    The WTS is a billion dollar world wide organization now so I expect they will just continue on the path already established and pay out the pressing law suits as they come. They know they have the money and they know just how relevant it is to maintain a clean and righteous image around their organization.

    They are probably assuming that these are just rare occurrences and therefore aren't in need of some major readjustment in their policies and directives.

  • ABibleStudent

    The WTBTS doesn't have to admit that it has made any errors. It could just send another BOE letter stating that henceforth elders are to report all violent crimes to the police by at least telling the police the name of the victim and how to contact the victim. Do not call the Legal Department. The WTBTS could even use its standard reply to its child abuse problem that "JWs despise child abuse."

    There would be no financial risk. If asked in court why the change, the WTBTS could just state that it was mitigating future risk.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • joe134cd
    Sir82= I agree with your comments about the catholics apologizing and still managed to survive. But what we have to remember is that the catholic church is a whole lot bigger and has vast more money than Wt. The question I have with comparing the JWs to the catholics is was the incidence of covering it up, as a percent of the membership of each respective religion any more or less than the other. If the JWs have a higher incidence and greater settlements than the catholic church thrn this may be a very good reason for not apologizing.
  • Finkelstein

    If there is going to any future readjustment, its going to be done privately and internally without any open apology or acceptance of fault .

    That you can be sure of.

    Thats just the way the WTS rolls.

  • eyefell4it2

    I was JUST thinking about the idea of them apologizing LITERALLY AS I WAS SMOKING MY DAILY CIG not FIVE MINUTES ago. How convenient you were thinking the same thing. I was pondering this as I was thinking about the reasons I will be providing to my parents should the need arise for why I don't want to attend meetings with them. Main reason: I have young children and any organization the refuses to apologize for the blatant reckless sexually deviant behavior of SEVERAL of its members is a huge no no for my personal moral code. But anyways, I pondered if they would ever apologize and what would happen. Needless to say a hawk swooping down on a bird caught my attention and my line of thinking drifted off. Perhaps I should go outside more often and observe nature instead of thinking about such impossibly foolish hypothetical events right? And btw, I think they won't apologize because it would mean:

    A) They were in the wrong. If they were EVER going to apologize, they should've done so during the Conti trial and they did the exact opposite which was deny and refuse to answer

    B) Financially, it would hurt them not only because it would hold them culpable for the acts committed but also how many people want to donate money to an organization that admits wrongdoing such a disgusting act.

    C) It would mean their policies need to be examined and changed and they would be under a public microscope to do so once they did apologize which would mean they did at some point become aware of such behavior and refuse to alter their policies until forced to publicly. And I DOUBT their "Light" gets that much "Brighter"

    D) It would mean they were at some point WRONG about something which as we know, Jehovah's spirit anointed arrangement never could be wrong about anything. (yes that was sarcasm italicized)

  • Tenacious

    The first reason would be legal considering their admittance of guilt. This can vary depending on the locality.

    The second reason would be their holy status or credibility as being God's mouthpiece.

    The third reason would be the loss of absolute power and control they have over every JW.

    The final reason would be their free lunch would be over. Time to get a roomie.

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