So What Will Become Of Them?

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  • Englishman

    So what will happen now?

    The 1914 debacle means that the urgency has gone. "Armageddon Ernie" has slipped into sheol and still awaits resurrection. Elders need 2 witnesses to observe their paedophile activities before they can be ejected. The hundreds of thousands of shunned ones have only to log onto the internet to realise that there are almost as many "Outies" as there are "Innies" and these now have formed there own global community.

    Now we have the UN scandal. For whatever reason, the WTBTS saw fit to join. This was no "typing error", this was a deliberate act that needed the OK of 4 referees. Maybe they thought to improve their charitable tax-free status. The panicky rescinding of membership can only raise further questions, why wait until discovery before leaving, why join in the first place?

    One thing is for sure, things can not be the same again. The "3 strikes and you're out" mentality that most of us have ingrained in our psyche will certainly kick into place, elders may soon find that they are just not being taken too seriously anymore. Just as a disgruntled employee who lands a better job decides to lip his superior before giving notice, so too will the once loyal dub need just a little bit of harshness from an elder to make him desert the sinking ship.

    My guess is that the JW's will not go mainstream. I see there being a mass exodus over the next few years. I think that there will be those who stay and become even more fundamentalist than at present. These one's will soon refer to the "Great falling away" -predicted of course - that occured around 2001 and will say that they have passed a test of faith by remaining.

    Personally I don't care very much what happens to the WTBTS, all I want to see is an end to shunning, child abuse - including mental abuse - and blood killing.

    The WTBTS are in for an horrendous experience as news filters through to the R & F. Maybe at last, we may be able to see justice being done.


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • unclebruce

    Well posted English,

    Thanks for the news about the UN .. so that's what these posts with UN in the title are about .. So what will become of them? Well as far as I'm concerned the WBTS are already at the bottom of history's dumpster .. but what, with all that other crap in there they'll be reeking to high heaven for a long time to come .. cheers ..

    unc off to check stuff out .. unbelievable .. what were they thinking? LOL

  • hillary_step

    Hello Eman,

    An interesting post whose sentiments I totally agree with but with one exception:

    My guess is that the JW's will not go mainstream.

    What I will say is that the WTS does not want to mainstream but it has no choice. It is true that the most important voice on the GB and those whom he grooms for leadership are living with their hearts firmly fixed in the 50's. Think of your parents generation Eman in their die-hard days and you have the GB pretty well summed up.

    I can tell you that a very senior WTS voice recognizes the need for change but has been heard to say 'The GB will not be pressured by outside forces into making these changes, they must come from within, at our own pace'. However, to coin a WT phrase, ‘the facts show otherwise’.

    The reality is that mainstreaming is taking place both with doctrine and social attitude, albeit at a slow pace. This has resulted as the WTS has grown increasingly aware of just how powerful their enemies are, that Armageddon is not going to rescue them and that they are in for the long haul. Most of the changes we have seen in doctrine, 'generation', 'sheep and goats', disgusting thing', etc. and policy 'blood fractions', 'military service', 'voting' etc, have been bought about by outside pressure which has forced mainstreaming on the GB whatever they personally desire. This will continue.

    The battle that is presently being fought between the WTS and its ‘enemies’ is on new territory from that its fought 20 years ago. This is a PR battle against itself and its own monsters. Its past doctrines, propelled without restraint by the Mad Hatter, Frederick Franz, have come back to haunt it. It is fighting itself, on a battleground it that prepared itself, with weapons it itself designed and with a leadership long ago having lost contact with the emotions of its adherents. It just so happens that society is helping to bring this cauldron to the boil.

    This religious revolution is most certainly devouring its own children.

    Kind regards to you and the Missus, Squire - HS

  • Englishman


    Most enlightening, my friend, care to expand on the senior WT voice that sees a need for change?


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • chappy
    These one's will soon refer to the "Great falling away" -predicted of course -

    You gotta admit thats one prophesy they hit right on the nose!


  • Patriot

    Is there anyway that we can get our hands on the actual doc. and see who signed the WT up?

    If not who do you speculate had the honors?

  • Ranchette

    E man,

    Good post!

    "THE GREAT FALLING AWAY" it has a ring to it.

    Not much to add to what the others have said except when you used the words "Outies" and "Innies", it makes us all sound like a bunch of belly buttons!Lol

  • hillary_step

    Hi Eman,

    Please check your mail.

    Kindest - HS

  • Englishman


    Many thanks, I have replied.


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    I guess we're getting to the nitty gritty this weekend.

    With this talk of the WTS going mainstream, I find myself intrigued. I grew up in the Borg and have served most of my life as a little chieftain but what if the borg went mainstream? Why would those who have followed in my footsteps bother to serve an organisation that promotes salvation by means of itself and works performed in service of it?

    To put it another way, it seems to me the WTS would lose its 'raison d'etre'. Sorry to repeat myself; I know I've raised this before, but to me it seems that without the doctrines and teachings that set the WTS apart from the rest, there's really no reason to join. Wouldn't it be easier (and more satisfying etc) to attend one of the mainstream churches?

    Are we perhaps still acknowledging that the WTS has 'the Truth' even after we've left?

    What will happen to them? I really don't know. In a sense I don't care. I've long ago seen that what I supported has been exposed as the great untruth. I'm much more concerned with finding joy in the REAL TRUTH. Such is the road to freedom.

    How sad for those who are still enslaved, no matter what their rank, to a man-made organisation that has usurped the position of Christ.


    "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

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