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  • mommy

    In a discussion with my mom, she mentioned that since the Sept 11th there has been a few letter read to her congo. She didn't go into details, and I didn't want to push to hard about what they said. But she mentioned that now the world leaders are starting to cry Peace and Security. Actually scrambling was the word she used.

    I was wondering if any of you heard any of these letters read, and what is your take on them. I would love to see copies if they are any. Kent any info?

    Blind faith can justify anything.~Richard Dawkins

  • nytelecom1

    no such letter referring to peace and security was read in my cong..

    but then i am just 8 miles from bethel

  • mommy

    Wow Nytel,
    The light must be very bright where you sit then Seriously though, have there been letters read since Sept 11th? If not about that issue, what were they concerning.

    Blind faith can justify anything.~Richard Dawkins

  • ianao


    What would you expect them to cry? "Let's kill ourselves?"

  • Ranchette

    If they are reading letters like this they are nuttier than I thought.
    When I turn on the TV or look at the Press or even talk to any one on the street,
    Peace and security are the last things they are talking about or feeling right now.

    The Govs are crying War! Terrorist! and Anthrax!

    I do want to know if they are reading letters like that.

  • siegswife

    Actually, when they are talking about it, they are saying 'safety and security'. I only heard one person refer to 'peace and security' and I forget who that was.

  • mommy

    Hey all
    Ianao, my opinion of what world leaders should/should not be saying is not the topic of this thread.

    The reason for me asking this is that I would like to hear from any who are still actively going to the meetings. I know the org has prophesied that the end is here and armegeddon is right around the corner Part of that prophecy was that everyone would be crying peace and security, wasn't it? I just wanted to know if the org is being more definite with the time line now. If they are actually calling this the start of the great tribulation.

    Or if they are even commenting about that in the letters or not..or if there have been several letters read, as my mom told me.Just curious is all

    Blind faith can justify anything.~Richard Dawkins

  • nytelecom1

    only with regards to the preaching work.
    people need comofort and hope etc...
    listen to people and be compassionate.
    thats the jist of the letter

    no "this proves that we are so close to the end"

  • SlayerLayer

    Don't mean to hijack a thread but, I just had to say HEY WENDY!!!!! Long time no see hun! I rarely post much myself anymore. Must have been too lonely without you around here.

    It's good to see you, we'll have to chat on Yahoo soon!

  • ballistic

    They can't loose:
    IF THERE'S A WAR it's a sign of the "last days" and

    IF THEY DECLARE PEACE it's a sign of the end

    Let's call this the WAR AND PEACE CATCH 22

    In short, they are obsessed with looking for omens, something condemded in the bible.

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