Why I resent being baptized into jw.cult

by freemindfade 5 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • freemindfade

    I hate being lynched by my family for being skeptical or rational. Witness treat you as though all morality and good end with belief in the OT god yhwh. So even if you met or exceeded their moral level and you even doubted his existence. You lose. Another corpse at Armageddon. Think about what this meme implies for a moment. And the preaching work etc

  • Phizzy

    I put this idea to a M.S who called to "encourage" me shortly after I ceased attending.

    I said it would make more sense to shoot the householder between the eyes as soon as he answers the door, rather than talk to him, at least that way he was assured a place in the noo system.

  • cappytan
    Have they reported you or are they just treating you like crap?
  • Divergent
    FMF + Phizzy --- exactly my thoughts! Even when I was an active witness, I always felt that the LESS people we preach to, the MORE would be saved. After all, not having the opportunity to know God IS a valid reason for salvation. I never understood the logic of learning a new language & preaching to the deaf, etc. If we preach to such ones & they do not accept the "truth", they would be destroyed at Armageddon RATHER than not being destroyed at all had they NOT heard the "good news"!!!
  • freemindfade
    Not sure cappytan they are all (including my wife) talking behind my back and no one is speaking to me either way. I will go on. Bridges burn tables turn you live and you learn. I'd never choose to leave my own family. But this is getting quickly out of my hands. I won't make it easy for them.
  • Phizzy

    " I won't make it easy for them." For whom ?

    if you mean you won't make it easy for the Elders to pin something on you, then Go Fella !

    If you mean your family, just remember,they are not your enemy, they love you, as you love them. Make sure you burn no bridges to your nearest and dearest, that is a mistake.

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