"Lets imitate faithful Lot of old...."

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  • stuckinarut2

    I know we have all discussed at length the account / story of Lot...

    Another thought occurred to me today...Lets analyse his REAL PERSONALITY,

    In the very beginning of the account, Lot is shown to be a SELFISH man...one that chose the better land and area....

    Then he was OPPORTUNISTIC and MATERIALISTIC and kept living in a nice city, even though he was supposedly shocked by the immorality and lawlessness....

    Then we see him to be COWARDLY when he decided to send out his daughters to be pack raped.

    Later we learn he was HEARTLESS as he allowed his wife to turn around and look, and didnt protect her from doing so.

    Then we know he was lacking in SELF CONTROL and allowed himself to get drunk...twice.

    Then we know he was DISMISSIVE and UNRESTRAINED and A GENERAL SICKO when he had sex with his daughters...twice in a row!


    By "Jehovah's" standards, he should have been killed many times over...not held up for us to imitate!

  • Divergent

    Well, yeah... but still, at least he wasn't as bad as other "faithful" Bible characters

    I guess the award for the most disgusting "righteous" Bible character would go to Samson. Unless you guys can think of a bigger asshole...

  • freemindfade

    Belief doesn't make you a better person, your behavior does.

    this is why the bible us a crock.

    it all ends with "belief", you can be an ass hole and have strong belief and your good. But if you are the best person and choose not to believe. There is no hope for you.

  • freemindfade
  • Socrateswannabe
    Peter called Lot a righteous man despite this criminal and obscene behavior. That, along with the ridiculous flood story, were two major factors that led me to understand, as freemindfade just said, the bible is a crock.
  • ToesUp

    So lot had sex with his own Daughters. Oopsy! Lot's wife turned around and BAMM she's a pillar of salt!

    Sound familiar?

    Molest little innocent children and you can be an Elder again. But look at porn and BAMM you're DF'd.

    Really screwed up logic!!!!

  • sparrowdown
    If Bible assholes was an olympic sport righteous f××king Lot would get the gold.
  • SonoftheTrinity
    Yeah lets isolate ourselves so much that we delude ourselves into thinking we are the last Godfearing people on the planet until we take leave of ourselves and become a bunch of inbreds. So that means the Jehovah's Witnesses aren't Spiritual Israelites, but Spiritual Moabites.They should call themselves Chemosh's Witnesses since they already sacrifice their Children and make them go through the fire of molestation, and compromised education.
  • stuckinarut2
    Diverse.... and great responses!
  • stuckinarut2

    Bumped in honour of the 2017 convention videos....

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